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ML Solutions To Enhance Supply Chain Management
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FREMONT, CA: The algorithms and systems powered by Machine Learning (ML) are utilized to point out anomalies, note trends, and predict insights by processing massive data assets. ML has numerous applications and proves to be the ideal technology...

AI to Tackle Monetary Waste and Volatility in Supply Chain Management
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The advent of automated technologies has presented the supply chain management space with a host of unique benefits and challenges too. Most of the technologies aiming at mitigating risk can contribute to the workload of supply chain professionals...

Blockchain: Game Changer for Supply Chain Management In Logistics
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FREMONT, CA: The increasing global complexity of supply chain management has forced organizations, which serve as the missing link between the people and their capacity for working together on a scales, to look at technology as their silver...

Cloud Technology Transforms Supply Chain Performance
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The pace of updates in business continues and shows no sign of slowing down. The expectations of the customers are getting increased, products are introduced and updated quickly than ever, and many new businesses are budding in the market daily....

How Is 5G Contributing to the Manufacturing Domain?
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In this fast-paced world, consumers are demanding new gadgets that have the latest features and can deliver the most immediate service. But how will manufacturing firms keep pace with this growing demand and rising competition to produce these...

Emerging Technologies are streamlining the Complex Supply Chain Networks
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Today’s competitive marketplace demands productivity and efficiency and the good news is that the supply chain technology is all set to simplify and optimize all the business processes. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to...

Supply Chain Management Plays a Crucial Role in Businesses
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SCM (Supply Chain Management) is a broad, connected network of organizations, resources, and technologies that involves planning, controlling and executing a faster production cycle in the most streamlined and cost-effective way. Supply...

IoT and Blockchain: Boons To Supply Chain Management
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Supply chain management is now essential component in the functioning of a business. Upgrading its efficiency leads to an upswing in business productivity and profits. Understanding the need for advancement in the sector, enterprises...

Artificial Intelligence for Effective Supply Chain Management
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AI and ML have disrupted the traditional business processes in many industries. Supply-chain and transportation processes are also passing through an era of transformation with the introduction of AI and ML tools. Many leading logistics companies...

How AI is optimizing Supply Chain Management
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In the age of fourth industrial revolution, Artificial intelligence (AI) has touched and provided solutions in almost every sector including Supply chain management. AI provides contextual intelligence which helps in reducing operations costs and...

Impact of Advanced Analytics in The Supply Chain
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Supply chain industry is an ever-changing landscape. The current transformation phase that the industry is experiencing is because of advanced analytics. Data-driven technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are the backbones of...

Blockchain and IoT Solutions for Supply Chain Management
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Supply chain management is a large area that is complicated and has various challenges. Businesses in different industries have been striving hard on providing just-in-time safe delivery and supply chain transparency. Hence the need for...

5 Traits Supply Chain Leaders Need to Survive in Today's Evolving Healthcare Landscape
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Scott Nelson, SVP of Supply Chain, Cardinal Health

Successful healthcare organizations recognize that an effective supply chain is essential to achieve savings and efficiencies, while supporting improved quality of care. As the supply chain role becomes increasingly important across all...

IoT Implementation in Manufacturing All Set to Grow Exponentially by 2020
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FREMONT, CA: With organizations inclining more towards adoption of IoT solutions for smart manufacturing along with improved security and reliability, the Internet of Things (IoT) in global manufacturing market size is expected to grow from...

Decernis: Ensuring Product Compliance in Supply Chain Management
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Andrew (Pat) Waldo, CEO

Provider of compliance information and management solutions in global supply chains, particularly in CPG and food & beverage industries

AVATA: Strategize. Execute. Achieve.
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Duane Hardacre, Managing Partner

Provides consulting as well as Oracle implementation services to enable supply chain organizations become agile and profitable

Manhattan Associates [NASDAQ:MANH]: Pioneering Supply Chain Commerce
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Eddie Capel, President & CEO

Builds technology solutions that solve the most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory and omni-channel

POOL4TOOL: All-in-One Supplier Collaboration Platform
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Wolfgang Winstel, CEO

Offers an All-In-one Supplier Collaboration Platform that manages 40 different purchasing processes

OneTouchPoint: Reducing Time-to-Customer through Streamlined Delivery Processes
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Tim Enright, VP-Sales

A provider of marketing SCM automation tool that enables manufacturers to stay cost-efficient and reliable

Ryder System [NYSE:R]: Escorting Till the End of Supply Chain Labyrinth
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Robert Sanchez, Chairman and CEO

A provider of leading-edge transportation, logistics, and supply chain management solutions