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Minimizing Risk and Increasing Profit Margins with Flexible Technology
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Manolis Kotzabasakis, CTO & EVP of Research & Development, AspenTech

Over the past year, over supply, slowing global demand, and strong statements from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and others have resulted in a changed energy pricing environment. Oil, gas, energy and chemical companies...

Opportunities 3D Printing Offers to the Automotive Industry
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Advancement in additive manufacturing technology has transformed the way of products design, development, manufacture, and distribution. It is also known as 3D printing where the advancements have paved the way for newer designs, cleaner, lighter,...

Jobs that will be driven by artificial intelligence
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Organizations are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide to boost productivity and profitability. AI makes jobs easier, saves time and accomplishes with accuracy. AI-driven automation and computerization are going to change the...

How Digitization is Empowering Manufacturers
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The manufacturing sector has been on an operational excellence journey for the past three decades by embracing new technologies. Manufacturing is an excellent platform for innovation, and rapid digital advances mean manufacturers can achieve a new...

The Industrial IOT Timebomb
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Matt Griffiths, CIO, Stanley Black & Decker Industrial [NYSE:SWK]

The average lifespan of industrial manufacturing machinery is around 20 years. To put that in context; 20 years ago, Windows 98 & Visual Basic 6.0 had just been released by Microsoft, Google had just hired their first employee and US...

The Robots are Here! Behavioral Science, Innovation, And The Rise of Chatbots
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Charlotte Blank, Chief Behavioral Officer, Maritz

The robots are here. Machine learning and predictive analytics are transforming every industry, creating new opportunities–and disrupting old models–faster than you can say “S-Curve.” In more instances than not, the...

The Face of Retail in the Digital Era
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Nate Kredich, COO, PIRCH

Getting the Act Right It’s critical, especially in a business like ours which is several parts retail and several parts service. Our CRM allows us to target our marketing communications based upon the customer’s journey, whether...

A Sneak Peak into the Future of Retail Landscape
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Saqib .E. Awan, VP, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Which are the upcoming technological trends in the retail landscape? This is no easy time for brick and mortar retailers as e-commerce continues to attract consumers. At the same time, despite the doomsayers predictions, I think brick and...

Making the Connection-IoT in Mining
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Joe Gladu, Vice President, Symboticware Incorporated

If you’re a player in technology in 2015, you have inevitably come across IoT, or Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE), two terms used to describe the interconnection of “things” to the rest of the connected world, people,...

Revolutionizing Industrial Mining through Smart Tools
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Jeff Bauserman, VP-Information Systems & Technology, Alpha Natural Resources

How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in Metals and Mining industry?   Alpha Natural Resources began as a “roll-up” company with three initial acquisitions of existing coal assets in 2002-2003. An...

3D Printing Process in Implanting Human Ligaments
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The idea of applying 3D printing has impacted the health care industry in a remarkable way. Emerging applications of 3D bioprinting ends the waiting for an alternative of organ transplant. Innovations span from bioprinting of cells deposited into...

Eliminating Unconscious Biases from Artificial Intelligence
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Productivity and innovation in the manufacturing sector is a multi-faceted challenge, but the appropriate use of technology certainly supports the efforts. IoT, big data, automation, additive manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality are...

3 Tips for Innovating at a 21st-Century Pace
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Alan Amling, VP Corporate Strategy, UPS

For more than a century, UPS has been innovating. We’ve pioneered and adapted technologies and forged partnerships that enabled us to create an unmatched global logistics network, to improve operational efficiencies, expand, save money and...

Digital Procurement Transformation in Supply Chain Management
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Paul Blake, Associate Director, GEP Worldwide

In 1996 I was in Egypt on a tour organised by archaeologists. We toured tombs and temples, palaces, and pyramids. Amongst the tourists, there was a range of opinions on how such wonders had been constructed. There were certain hypotheses...

Simplify Supply Chain with Technology
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Stuart Scott, EVP and CIO, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: JBHT]

Internet of Things (IoT) for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry According to research and advisory firm Gartner, five billion devices are connected to the internet today. By the year 2020, that number is projected to grow to twenty billion....

Transforming Supply Chain with SMAC and IoT
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Nathan Johnson, SVP and CIO, Werner Enterprises [NASDAQ: WERN]

Like many industries, logistics and supply chain providers deal with large volumes of data and ever-changing market demands. Technology has streamlined decision-making and driven process improvements, but velocity and demand for information is...

Cybersecurity Options for Manufacturers
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Robert Sompolski, Dean of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Oakton Community College

As modern manufacturing has become increasingly digitized, the risks that have traditionally confronted financial institutions are certain to target manufacturers. The manufacturing sector presents security challenges of a unique nature due to...

Finding the Right IoT Target
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Billy Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface

The application of industrial IoT is only as good as the opportunity it serves. We are witnesses of technological marvels that our predecessors would struggle to comprehend. History is also full of examples of the short sighted and dangerous use...

Taking the Right Technology Initiatives
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Jawahar Kaliani, Deputy CIO, Department of Treasury - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently published a white paper, entitled “Supporting Responsible Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective.” The paper describes the agency’s effort to...

Getting Quality Results through Lean and Six Sigma Manufacturing
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Lean or Lean manufacturing refers to the principles and methods of the Toyota Production System. Lean methods focus on the systematic identification and elimination of non-value added activity. Six Sigma was developed by Motorola, which refers to...

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