DEC 2018 - JAN 20194 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTSCXO INSIGHTSCONTENTS08IN MY OPINION2717Optimizing Warehouse Control Systems with Industry 4.0Big Data in Manufacturing: "It's Not Just for Predictive Maintenance AnymoreDr. Ralf Garlichs, EVP Products & Technology, Interroll GroupJeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Frost and SullivanThe Role of Technology in Manufacturing Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products3322Engine or Anchor?RememberJim Davis,Vice Provost - Information Technology & CTO UCLACo-Founder Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition,University of California, Los AngelesEric Pope, VP Operations, US Synthetic36Modern Factory IntegrationChristopher Murphy, VP of Software and Controls Engineering, Jervis B. Webb CompanyPg 14 - 26TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTSMESCONSULTING/SERVICES COMPANIES 2018Pg 30 - 32TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTSSOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2018MES
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