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September 20, 2018

Manufacturing Technology Insights Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
While technology adoption is a key indicator of an organization’s competitiveness, many organizations in the machine vision arena understand that low cost and rich capabilities are the key to success.
With robots as factory workers, making tea for you, doing all the household chores and cuddly humanoids doing all sorts of cute things, robots are gaining dominance.
Intelligent Poka-Yoke is a form of coaching network that help works on the assembly line by acknowledging that when directed properly, human attention and skills are far more significant.
Featured Vendors
An Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider dedicated to transforming manufacturers of all shapes and sizes into smart manufacturers.
Delivers end-to-end sensing solutions that empower businesses with real-time operational insights.
Designs, develops and manufactures solutions in HMI, control and Industrial IoT to provides customers with easy-to-use tools fully responsive to Industry 4.0.
CIO Viewpoint
Edward Rodden, CIO, Sugar Creek
​Forty-two years, sounds like a long time…My first office job started just that long ago, and it was a far different world from what we live in today.
Matt Meier, VP & CIO, North America, Whirlpool Corporation
It’s important to know your customers and the context of your businesses. Only then can you make informed recommendations and help lead a business in the right direction.
CXO Insights
By Jordan Workman, Director of Client Development, Performance Solutions by Milliken
Digitization doesn’t mean “lights-out,” workerless operations. Will disengaged frontline staff react differently to real-time information than they do to voice and paper instructions?
By Billy Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface
The use of industrial IoT will improve reliability, create new value and spawn whole new industries when used in context.