DECEMBER 20202 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTSProductsNanoBorNT-70NanoBorNT-90FormPowderPowderBNNT(wt%)1)> 70> 90h-BN(wt%)1)> 95> 99OD (nm)30~5030~50Length (um)> 10> 10BET (m2/g)~30~90ColorWhiteWhitePrice2)(min. order)$500/g( > 1g )$1,000/g( > 0.1g )NanoBorNTApplication ExamplesNanoBorNT boron nitride nanotubes powderAerospace Fire retardant cablingBiomedicalRadiation shieldingUp to3 timesvPiezoelectric (Sensors, Energy Harvesting, etc.,)NanoBorNT-70 NanoBorNT-90 1) BNNT/h-BN contents are evaluated based on the area mapping of randomly selected SEM images, EDS, BET, and XRD, etc. (except C and O).2) Price may vary depending on the situation. Please check the website.Domestic(US) ORDERhttp://www.naieelco.comE-mail : naieelco@gmail.comInternational ORDERhttp://www.naieel.comE-mail : naieel@naieel.comNano Adventurer in Energy and Environmental Leading Technology+82-42-716-3012 (S. Korea) / / www.naieel.com99 Daehak-ro, CCI 708Chungnam National UniversityYuseong-gu, Daejeon 34134Republic of
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