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Activ Technologies : Unleashing the Power of Digital Supply Chains, Activ TechnologiesJaymie Forrest President & CEO
Given the ever-increasing need to gain end-to-end visibility in supply chains, digitalization has become a prerequisite in today’s highly competitive global market. Unlike the existing legacy and enterprise solutions, digitalization assists companies in managing the different sources and locations for supply chain data as well as offers real-time visibility, transparency, and efficiency. However, for companies, finding a single repository of real-time supply chain information stays a bottleneck. Perfectly poised to address the needs of the current market and bridge the gap between supply-demand is Activ Technologies. With its cloud-based multi-enterprise platform— ActiVate—the company eliminates data silos across an enterprise to create a management operating platform with real-time intelligence that offers complete order, inventory and shipment visibility. The PaaS offering digitally transforms processes to help companies coordinate, optimize, and manage their end-to-end supply chains effectively.

“We are enabling a roadmap for the digital transformation of the supply chain,” asserts Jaymie Forrest, President and CEO at Activ Technologies. Being a seasoned supply chain and logistics technology professional, Jaymie has experienced firsthand the need for real-time supply chain management. She actively leads Activ’s quest of assisting companies and their trading partners in synchronizing production, forecasts, order and inventory management, distribution capabilities, as well as logistics in real-time for improving operational effectiveness. Jaymie explains, “With our platform, we create an integrated approach to visibility for all stakeholders—from the raw material suppliers to the manufacturers of the finished goods, and ultimately to the customers.”

Designed to empower digital supply chains and provide hassle-free integration, ActiVate allows companies to connect with their customers, distributors, suppliers, and logistics providers seamlessly. By leveraging the ActiVate platform, companies can share forecasts and production plans with suppliers while simultaneously receiving alerts on materials and order changes in real-time.

We are like a real Swiss army knife for data—for cleansing, parsing, translation, normalization as well as data extension

The platform improves data integrity while leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics to assist businesses in making more informed decisions. This helps companies to gather critical information and standardize it in order to efficiently coordinate, optimize, and manage their end-to-end supply chains. ActiVate provides manufacturers, distributors, retailers, or third-party logistics providers and their customers a real-time view of orders, inventory, and shipments consolidated from a variety of ERPs, order management, warehouse or transportation systems.

Moreover, with its capabilities to normalize and extend data, the platform enables trading partner collaboration without incurring more capitalized IT costs. As Activ’s platform seamlessly drives improved supply chain performance, it has become a one-stop-shop for the needs of integration, real-time visibility, synchronization, and a control tower. “We are like a real Swiss army knife for data—for cleansing, parsing, translation, normalization as well as data extension. Our platform’s ease of integration, connectivity, data normalization, and extension, along with predictive and prescriptive analytics, make us a durable differentiator in the market,” states Jaymie. The prowess of the company’s platform has been successfully attributed to the success of its clients. In one instance, the company helped Caterpillar—one of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers—transform supply chain execution and performance with ActiVate’s auto-scaling technology. Due to its easy integration process, ActiVate effectively connected Caterpillar’s supply network, and enabled onboarding of 1200 supplier data streams overnight from the initial 30 suppliers. To drive profitability and performance, the platform provided complete data analytics and ensured that all data integrity requirements were fulfilled.

Having carved a unique niche for itself in the market, Activ is currently managing data for over 50 brands, 5,000 sites, and 1.3 million schedules while serving a clientele varying from small or mid-sized businesses to Fortune 50 companies. “For the future, we aim to expand our market reach and increase the customer base. We currently are adding a new feature to our platform that would allow self-service report writing for those who want to generate their own ad hoc reporting,” concludes Jaymie.

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Activ Technologies

Alpharetta, GA

Jaymie Forrest President & CEO

Activ Technologies is a cloud based multienterprise platform that digitally transforms processes so companies can swiftly sense, coordinate, optimize, and manage their end-to-end supply chains. Named one of the top 20 most promising supply chain solutions providers for 2019 by CIOReview, companies use ActiVate, an economical Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, to drive profitability and performance, while software providers partner with Activ to enhance their cloud solution