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AGR: Creating an Environment for Success in Implementing Integrated Enterprise Business Solutions

Randy Muns, President & CEO, AGRRandy Muns, President & CEO
When it comes to ERP implementation, many people look at the software and then look at the disciplines required to run the business with the software. This is what sets AGR apart from other ERP implementation organizations. AGR’s approach, MultiTrac, is based on focusing on core process issues and integrating those with the utilization of the technology and software. Randy Muns, President of AGR, says, “You have to be able to take an approach that focuses on separating the vital few versus the trivial many requirements that an organization may have in implementing an enterprise system.”

AGR’s highly experienced personnel have multi-package expertise and can work across several platforms. The team at AGR believes that the core fundamentals are the same, regardless of the package, thus they are proponents of cross-training covering software. Muns says, “We take a holistic view that ERP is a people system made possible by technology.”

AGR’s approach includes working with top-level management, not just the guys in the warehouse and on the factory floor, with the understanding that success comes from top-down leadership and the need to focus on core data and processes. As Muns explains, “This is about understanding core data that is essential in making the systems run well versus focusing on trivial data that may make the computer run right, but doesn’t make the company run right.”

Staying abreast of technologies is critical for AGR, but being customer-oriented and understanding various industrial sector requirements is even more essential to success. For instance, “There is no point in bringing a new mobile technology to a customer that has a very centralized, sedimentary distribution center,” says Muns. “Don’t put technology in place for the sake of technology. Put technology into your customer’s hands that is really going to make them more money and build a higher quality product more consistently.”

Our mission is to deliver pragmatic solutions for large, complex organizations in implementation and sustainment along with delivering essential functionality for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors in enterprise systems

The key with ERP is efficiency and cost effectiveness. If you can improve cycle time inside the factory or distribution center and move to a single point of accountability so you do not have multiple people doing the same job, you will reduce your overhead. If you reduce your overhead costs and get more throughput in your process, you will be more cost-effective, thus have more flexibility in pricing your product. For example, using a package like SAP All-In-One, minimizes the complexity that goes into ERP implementation; its packaged a little cheaper but more importantly, its preconfigured for various industrial sectors. For companies that are not scalable for this type of package, the concept is still the same, concentrate on the vital few. This also applies to other major and secondary packages.

Muns says, “At AGR, we inspire our people to outwork our customer by utilizing technologies that are interesting and fun.” AGR’s primary areas of innovation include the use of virtual reality for training, the use of simulations to view various aspects of the company, the use of mobile computing, and the use of big data for more precise analytics.

AGR’s plans for future expansion include the distribution of high-quality water with a focus on building new infrastructure as well as the remediation of existing infrastructure, based on the development of management of predictive maintenance. Muns explains, “What we want to do is analytically predict failure ahead of time and feed that back into the closed-loop system so people can take action in a more cost-effective manner.” AGR’s background in the Aerospace and Defense community and process industries has been a great platform in developing these concepts.