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ALI Consulting: Six Sigma for Supply chain Optimization

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David Mahalak, CEO, ALI ConsultingDavid Mahalak, CEO
In this era of unparalleled tech dominance, supply chain optimization is an ongoing challenge, especially for fast-growing companies. But, with so many moving parts that need to mesh together perfectly, supply chain management becomes a delicate process. Today’s modern business leaders are on a constant quest to unearth efficient methods that optimize their complex supply chain processes. At this juncture, the industry-proven Lean Six Sigma methodology emerges as a definitive solution to combat supply chain discrepancies, all the while bolstering a company against a multitude of business challenges.

Upholding this philosophy, David Mahalak—a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt—founded Applied Logistics Integration (ALI) Consulting to help companies implement the most popular and successful management methodology in history—the Lean Six Sigma—and several other proven business management strategies to improve the quality of process outputs by exploiting strengths, remedying weaknesses, and mitigating threats.

ALI Consulting’s professional team, with deep domain expertise in supply chain management, identifies convoluted and time-consuming processes, which otherwise remain hidden in a business infrastructure. To that end, ALI consulting applies proven business methodologies to make seemingly small adjustments that can have far-reaching consequences throughout the production cycle. The company’s team of subject matter experts actuates this workflow by carefully recognizing potential aspects that affect a supply chain, including defects, overproduction, non-utilized resources, talent, and many more. The company then aims to energize a supply chain in order to deliver the highest product quality at the lowest price possible, thereby optimizing the usage of resources and existing infrastructure. Then, ALI Consulting’s analysts determine non-value elements that are not necessarily part of the corresponding business processes.

After obtaining the current status quo report of a customer’s organization, ALI consulting delivers a Bottom-line Up-front report (BLUF), which highlights all the non-value activities or operations, employee and resource utilization, and bottlenecks hindering optimal process flow. ALI Consulting utilizes heuristic algorithms and inventory theory models to eliminate errors, overutilization of resources, outdated planning processes, inefficient execution, and many such discrepancies. The company also optimizes the client’s facility layouts to help them achieve maximum efficiency, attain a sustainable competitive advantage, and increase revenue. Furthermore, ALI consulting educates the client’s workforce, including senior management, about the best practices that would complement any upcoming change initiatives proposed by them.

“At ALI Consulting, we leverage subjective, qualitative, and qualitative data to fine-tune every single operational area of a supply chain and meet our customer expectations,” explains Mahalak.

To further elaborate on ALI Consulting’s efficiency, Mahalak recalls working with a company, which was previously suggested to double its warehouse capacity to address their growing operational requirements. After analyzing every aspect of the warehouse, ALI consulting devised multiple layouts to restructure the warehouse’s existing equipment and also suggestions for new equipment that would improve production. It identified inefficiencies in the client’s purchasing department and realized that the optimal solution was to help them shift from a traditional warehouse system to a mobile supply system. This holistic approach helped the client execute business operations, aligned with the demands of their growing customer base, utilizing the same warehouse without incurring unnecessary costs.

“Our holistic approach helps us perfectly anticipate the result of our recommendations. We make day to day operations easier for employees and help businesses by building a responsive and agile supply chain to address the ever-changing needs of end customers,” adds Mahalak.

ALI Consulting continuously publishes independent research and reviews the latest publications for recent advancements, refining their skill sets and improving their services in the process. The company is currently embarking on a journey to provide its proven management strategies to the government sector. As a matter of fact, prior to establishing ALI Consulting, Mahalak worked as a government contractor, where he had an opportunity to work closely with many active and non-active military personnel. And, to thank them for their unparalleled contribution to the nation, ALI Consulting is prepping to launch an initiative called “Operation Boots on the Ground” to provide free consulting services to veteran-owned small businesses.

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ALI Consulting

ALI Consulting

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David Mahalak, CEO

Established by David Mahalak, a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Applied Logistics Integration (ALI) Consulting is a premiere strategic business management firm with the knowledge, passion, and experience to execute lean six sigma, supply chain management, and financial analysis projects. ALI Consulting delivers its services across all spectrums, ranging from small business data analysis and management to redesigning multi-million dollar supply chains to developing and executing cost-benefit analysis and analysis of alternatives for multi-billion dollar programs