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Armite Lubricants: Maximizing the Efficiency and Reliability of Industrial Equipment

Kathy Sandstrum, CEO, Co-Owner, and Mike Sandstrum, President, Co-Owner, Armite LubricantsKathy Sandstrum, CEO, Co-Owner, and Mike Sandstrum, President, Co-Owner
Family-owned businesses are known for strong cultures and values, with the founders’ vision carefully preserved through the generations. This holds true for Armite Lubricants, a familyoperated lubricant and specialty chemical manufacturer. The company was founded with a mission to develop the highestquality products for equipment production and the preventive maintenance efforts of clients’ machinery, industrial equipment, and similar assets.

Since its inception in 1928, Armite Lubricants has stayed true to its mission and has excelled at developing best-inclass industrial lubricants, anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, sealants, and rust penetrants. Armite is currently owned and operated by Kathy and Mike Sandstrum, who grew the company as a leading designer, manufacturer, and worldwide wholesaler of commercial, industrial, and military-grade products. Putting their knowledge and the expertise of their team into action, the couple expanded Armite Lubricants’ international and domestic presence and created new product designs.

Today, Armite Lubricants offers multi-use corrosion preventive compounds, light lubricating grease, and graphite-, zinc-, moly-, and lead-based anti-seize compounds. The company’s diverse product line and continuous focus on high-quality ingredients make it ideal for a wide range of customers, from aerospace, aviation & defense, transportation & transit, energy, and industrial and manufacturing industries.

A flagship product is 12|34 Formula ® that has gained the trust of its various end-users. A multi-purpose product with commercial, military, and industrial applications, 12|34 Formula ® also has highly effective noncorrosive capabilities to fight against salt water, making it a perfect fit for the marine industry.

Armite Lubricants also offers custom packaging for special orders.

“We’ve built a unique supply chain strategy that allows us to offer the most superior lead times in the market,” says Kathy Sandstrum, CEO of Armite Lubricants.

This distributor model has helped Armite Lubricants meet the varying needs in the market amidst the pandemic-induced supply-chain disruptions, labor shortages, and inflation. Armite purposefully works with both small and large distributors to build strategic alliances, helping it stay agile and responsive. For example, its distributor model was instrumental in addressing the crucial needs of an airline customer struggling for six months to obtain a specific material. Utilizing its distributor model, Armite Lubricants was able to supply the product within just three weeks.

We Strive To Build Strong Relationships That Enable Us To Add Value To Our Offerings And Stay At The Forefront In Helping Various Industries With Their Production And Preventive Maintenance Requirements

Armite Lubricants is AS9100 and ISO- 9001 certified and Department of Defense CMMC 2.0 Cybersecurity-compliant. This makes them a trusted choice for aerospace and aviation companies and helps with seamless product shipping within and beyond federal boundaries. Armite strives to ensure that all its distributors are AS9120 and ISO-9001 certified or have similar quality management systems in place. Employee training and education of Armite’s distributors are core values to keep on par with industry standards.

A rigid quality management approach and documentation of every step of its manufacturing and order fulfillment processes, ensures high traceability and end-user satisfaction. Armite adopts a personalized approach to customer service and eliminates the hassle of being routed to multiple departments for queries—a common occurrence in big companies. This helps them build an arena of trust and alliance in the market.

“We strive to build strong relationships that enable us to add value to our offerings and stay at the forefront in helping various industries with their production and preventive maintenance requirements,” says Mike Sandstrum, President of Armite Lubricants.

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Armite Lubricants

Armite Lubricants

Lafayette, CO

Kathy Sandstrum, CEO, Co-Owner, and Mike Sandstrum, President, Co-Owner

Armite Lubricants is an AS9100 & ISO-9001 certified and Department of Defense CMMC 2.0 Cybersecurity compliant chemical manufacturer that started in 1928 with a mission to develop the highest quality industrial lubricants, anti-seize compounds, corrosion inhibitors, sealants, rust penetrants, and other specialty compounds that best suit its customers’ needs and requirements.