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Averna: Protecting Brand Image with Vision Inspection

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André Gareau, President & CEO, AvernaAndré Gareau, President & CEO
In combat, a soldier’s life depends on how well an electronic or RF product was designed and tested. Will the device function in temperature extremes, after physical shocks, with low battery power? Where will it break or fail? And how can we prevent that? This is where Averna steps in with their unrivaled expertise for testing RF communication and power units for their client—a large military equipment supplier. The client required a ground-up approach for testing top-level assemblies (TLA) and circuit-card assemblies (CCA) for two critical devices to ensure they met or exceeded specifications and would not fail in the field. At the beginning of the project, the team at Averna provided consulting and analysis expertise, including Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM), to streamline product designs and eliminate potential functionality or assembly flaws. Furthermore, the team collaborated on the system and network architecture, instrument selection and test code, and then designed and built multiple flexible ATEs for tests such as functional, ICT, environmental, assembly, and repair. Consequently, there was a considerable reduction in human errors and operator tasks, which was the result of parallel testing to optimize instruments and throughput.

For over 20 years Averna has worked closely with the A-list companies in aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, consumer electronics, life sciences, semiconductors, and telecom infrastructure sectors, providing essential test expertise and comprehensive test and validation systems that ensure the customers’ products reach the highest quality in the shortest time frames. “With Averna, you stay ahead of the technology curve while delivering thoroughly tested products and systems that give you the competitive edge and reduce costs,” states André Gareau, President and CEO of Averna. Averna employs unrivaled test-engineering know-how, award-winning technology, and industry-certified engineering processes to develop better products, on time and within budget.

With Averna, you stay ahead of the technology curve while delivering thoroughly tested products and systems that give you the competitive edge and reduce costs

A trusted partner, Averna helps their clients accelerate production, lower risks, get the product to market quickly while also protecting their brand. This is done by leveraging Averna’s expertise in Vision and Optical Inspection that is touted as the new frontier in quality verification, sorting, and precision assembly. By deploying a high precision, quality assured Vision System, Averna eliminates defective products before they can wreak havoc on the client’s reputation in the market. In general, Averna client applications include inspecting (confirming correct product assembly and features), positioning (determining exact DUT locations for testing), traceability, classifying (verifying zero-defect quality while sorting and packing) and active alignment (measuring and functional assembly components). Averna’s real-time image-processing expertise enables them to instantly identify defects based on learning real-time or stored images while providing the client with immediate feedback and production control.

Hundreds of OEMs have partnered with Averna owing to reasons such as superior test expertise, faster time to market, better business results, higher quality products, as well as solid test investments. Averna’s test engineers can accelerate their client’s testing because of valuable experience and best practices gleaned from multiple technologies, applications, and standards while their cutting-edge test solutions and services accelerate products through the design, validation, NPI, manufacturing, and repair stages. By engaging Averna’s test-engineering experts, clients free up their staff to focus on their strengths, lower the overall cost of a test and reduce project risks and because of Averna’s extensive track record, they know how to spot and eliminate design flaws, avoid error-prone processes, and reduce product returns and RMAs. Moreover, Averna’s innovative test approaches, best practices, and technology partnerships ensure that clients get the most flexible and cost-effective solutions possible.