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Avinash Bandgi, CEO, Bandgi TechnologiesAvinash Bandgi, CEO
The internet brought along a slew of incredible benefits, but its forefathers would never have imagined just how far its innovation would travel. The IoT, for instance, has helped answer the age-old question of how to best cost-effectively improve enterprisewide productivity. Companies in the industrial sector particularly have many applications for IoT (IIoT) solutions as they enable manufacturers and supply chain professionals to enhance their decision-making processes, digitalisation strategies, and asset management capabilities. IIoT technologies help organisations establish a well-connected ecosystem of smart machines and cutting-edge systems to obtain their various goals. However beneficial as they may seem, players in the industrial sector face difficulties in implementing the latest IIoT solutions due to continuously increasing operational costs and compliance risks. At this juncture, Bandgi Technologies—a sensor-based device development company—helps businesses by providing end-to-end IIoT solutions that work in tandem with their existing platforms, applications, devices, or systems.

“To better serve our clients, we are continually evolving, reinventing ourselves, and embracing new technologies and business models,” says Avinash Bandgi, Founder and CEO of Bandgi Technologies. The company’s technological know-how, combined with its quick iteration capabilities to measure, monitor, alert, and make informed actions, guarantees that clients reap the most benefits while remaining 100 percent compliant. Bandgi Technologies also provides a public key infrastructure (PKI) management, with highest encryption solutions to create secure network environments, protecting device integrity.

The company takes much-deserved pride in its cloud computing, big data, IoT, infrastructure management, mobility, and programmable logic controller (PLC) expertise. It thoroughly understands the real-world problems a client faces and develops solutions to address each unique requirement via its excellent comprehension of how humans interact with machines.

Bandgi Technologies’ team takes complete responsibility when delivering on every evolving security and connectivity demand by adhering to a strict co-creating success criterion. All stakeholders of a client company are encouraged to participate actively as part of Bandgi Technologies’ co-creation governance ethos to improve collaboration and better understand each participant’s diverse viewpoints and business values.
  • To better serve our clients, we are continually evolving, reinventing ourselves, and embracing new technologies and business models

Bandgi Technologies empowers companies across all industries to overcome their operational inefficiencies and, in one particular instance, excelled at supporting an automotive firm through its hurdles. Vehicle quality control is the most important aspect of automotive manufacturing to ensure driver safety, satisfaction, and market expansion—and Bandgi Technologies perfectly comprehends the zero margin for error. It supports OEMs, manufacturers, and automotive dealers in global projects by conducting audits and compliance inspections. The company’s solutions helped improve the client’s factory performance, optimised product quality management, reduced defect rates, and made sure to align with all compliance standards, including industry standards such as IATF 16949, VDA 6.3, and ISO 14001. In another engagement, Bandgi Technologies’ bestin- class IIoT solutions also played a crucial role in the timely maintenance of the pipes. Its solutions generate data by conducting stress analyses to determine how a piping system behaves based on metrics such as materials, pressure, temperature, and the types of fluids passing through them. Predicting the durability of pipes helped avoid unnecessary downtime and high repair costs. The company also successfully implemented monitoring solutions of around 22 environment parameters, help many cold cities in North America to prevent exploding manhole covers and other environment hazards.

Bandgi Technologies seeks to help companies increase their enterprise value by advancing their cloud computing and virtualisation solutions, incorporating the many developments in the areas of machine learning and micro-services architectures. With a team of senior and mid-level software engineers and project managers that can work both onsite and offshore, the company predominantly focuses on designing end-to-end solutions for the industry. The IIoT expert is presently a leading contributor to the space and intends to drive more value through its impressive portfolio.

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Bandgi Technologies

Bandgi Technologies


Avinash Bandgi, CEO

BandgiTechnologies helps businesses by providing end-to-end IIoT solutions that work in tandem with their existing platforms, applications, devices, or systems. The company takes pride in its expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, Infrastructure management, and mobility.