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Clean Air America: Creating a Cleaner, Safer Welding Environment

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Mark Salamone, President and Joey Matson, General Manager and Partlow Willings, CEO , Clean Air AmericaMark Salamone, President and Joey Matson, General Manager and Partlow Willings, CEO
Walking into a welding environment filled with fumes, dust, weld spark, and other harmful gasses opens doors to many health hazards. The fallout of these unclean and harmful working conditions is an increased rate of employee absenteeism and lowered interest by potential talent to join the workforce. Although workers wear devices to safeguard them from harmful welding fumes and gas, the equipment fails to provide sufficient protection.

Based in Rome, Georgia, Clean Air America has been providing solutions to manufacturers and trade schools for the past 30 years. With its foundation rooted in its industry-leading WeldStation for trade schools, Clean Air also offers turn-key systems to large manufacturing environments, helping to provide a better-quality environment for workers.

“We focus on engineering long-lasting, high-quality filtration equipment, weld booths, and other fume and dust collectors at a low cost,” says Part Willings, CEO of Clean Air America.

Clean Air America’s product lines focus on welding applications, mainly in manufacturing spaces with both manual and robotic weld cells. The Company’s Brahm series dust collector, named after its founder, is tailored to meet the challenging requirements within the industrial filtration arena. Brahm collectors use downflow design technology to resolve re-entrenchment, one of the significant drawbacks of conventional dust collectors.

With its manufacturing facility located domestically in Georgia, Clean Air America is positioned to produce every product it sells, with no outsourcing, enabling it to meet its customers’ stringent delivery timelines. No manufacturing environment is the same and having domestic capacity creates an advantage of owning the ability to provide custom, turnkey solutions for each customer. The fabrication facility also helps improve quality control of all its products as all the components can be methodically assembled and tested in its facility before they leave the docks.

Even as Clean Air America’s industrial solutions progress with an unparalleled track record, its foundation is anchored in the education field. Clean Air America’s WeldStation was developed 20-years ago and is a uniquely designed backdraft table for trade schools to help them provide a clean and safe environment for their students. “It is the industry standard for community colleges and trade schools around the world that desire high-quality, cost-effective solutions for teaching the next generation of tradesmen and women,” states Willings.

  • We focus on engineering long-lasting, high-quality filtration equipment, weld booths, and portable collectors at a low cost

A testament to Clean Air America’s impactful solutions is its long-time partnership with a tier-one auto supplier. When a production manager was tasked with getting forty new robotic weld cells operational in a five-month timeframe, Clean Air was the first to get the call. The request was made to provide adequate air filtration solutions to accommodate the robotic welders within that challenging time frame. Clean Air was able to meet those requirements and the client’s needs in fire suppression and custom hood and cell design, in short notice and with relative ease.

Over three decades, Clean Air America has gained a strong, loyal customer base with virtually all major trade schools and several large industrial manufacturers, including BMW, Kubota, Nissan, Toyota, and Polaris. Building on their experiences in the industry, Clean Air America continues to devise tailor-made solutions with the goal of protecting people and manufacturing environments.

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Clean Air America

Clean Air America

Rome, GA

Mark Salamone, President and Joey Matson, General Manager and Partlow Willings, CEO

Clean Air America, a manufacturer of dust and weld collectors for industrial manufacturing environments and trade school applications, helping to protect people and manufacturing environments.