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Coborn: Breaking All Barriers in the Diamond Industry

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Steve Westlake, Managing Director, CobornSteve Westlake, Managing Director
‘Good things take time to happen’—this rings true for diamonds, they take time to form and take shape, but at the end of it, there’s nothing more beautiful. The incredible evolution has a striking resemblance to Coborn, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of state-of-the-art machines for the diamond industry.

It all began in the 40s when Coborn began its journey by making high precision spindle and balancing machines. In 1962 this developed into manufacturing scaife spindles followed by planetary grinding machines for the gem and single crystal diamond industry. Later, the company progressed into manufacturing high-precision grinding and polishing machines for the polycrystalline diamond industry and the gemstone and natural diamond tooling industries. “Coborn’s machines are engineered to process the world’s two hardest and most extreme materials—diamond and cubic boron nitride,” says Steve Westlake, Managing Director of Coborn.

Coborn offers a wide array of equipment and accessories for all facets of the diamond industry. Their latest PG4 and RG9A grinding machines with full CNC control used extensively in the production of diamond cutting tools meet the sophisticated requirements of modern toolmakers. RG9A is designed to attain fast grinding times and repeatable accuracy to 2μm tolerances. In addition, individual tool set up times are quick and RG9A can be equipped with robot loading (RG9AR). The machine also has the characteristics, functions, and capabilities to minimize tool production costs. While the RG9A—reciprocating grinding machine—enables high precision CNC grinding of both hard and ultra-hard materials such as PCD, PcBN, carbides and ceramics, the PG4 is an automatic, ultra-high precision planetary grinding machine that is designed to meet the demands of SCD toolmakers seeking to minimize production costs and deploy their skilled operators in more demanding areas.

Coborn’s extensive product portfolio includes reciprocating grinding machines, planetary grinding machines, scaife spindles, high-frequency milling and grinding spindles and lapping and polishing machines.

Guneet Bedi, VP/ GM
“80 percent of high-value gem diamonds are polished with Coborn’s Scaife spindles,” says Westlake. With the aim of improving product performance and asset utilization, and adding value to customers, Coborn has partnered with Relayr to digitize their grinding machines. Relayr is an IIoT powerhouse that delivers complete solutions for risk-free digital transformations. The fundamental idea behind this partnership is to increase customer value and productivity. Relayr enables companies to shift from a CAPEX to OPEX-based model, backed by a unique combination of first-class IIoT and AI technologies, robust financial, and insurance offerings. Relayr’s AI-based analytics collects data from Coborn’s machines and detects any machine failures in advance to resolve it quickly without resulting in machine downtime. “Determining and resolving machine failures in advance by using advanced technologies is guaranteed through the offering of either CNC machines as a service or an annual service package—Coborn Care,” says Guneet Bedi, VP/ GM Americas, Relayr.

Not only failure detection, but each smart machine can come with Coborn Care package that guarantees the performance of the machines. The Coborn and Relayr partnership adds the advantage of the innovative pay per use model, which makes it easier for customers to finance Coborn’s grinding machines. Based on equipment as a service model, Coborn’s machines will not only be sold but can be made available for a usage fee. Companies availing this service do not have to think about the maintenance, service, repairs, and spare parts as all these are taken care of by Coborn.

Such an unrivaled approach facilitates a unique and customized customer support and services with the promise of uptime of Coborn’s machines. Coborn aims at optimizing the entire process of grinding polycrystalline diamonds through wheel development, machine development, and tool design using the Relayr technology, to collect and analyze data and carry out performance optimization across the value chain. “It all boils down to creating partnerships up and down the value chain and working together to promote diamonds and benefits of using it,” concludes Westlake.

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Steve Westlake, Managing Director and Guneet Bedi, VP/ GM

Coborn has a unique, global position supplying specialised, individually built, high-precision equipment to the polycrystalline diamond industry and the gemstone and natural diamond tooling industries, with over 90% of machines being exported throughout the world. In addition to the RG machines for the PCD tooling market the other products include Planetary Grinding (PG) machines for natural diamond and single crystal diamonds, scaif spindles, high frequency milling and grinding spindles, dynamic balancing machines, lapping, polishing and edge honing machines.