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Cryogenic Systems and Parts: Elastomer Deflashing Made Easy

Jeff Walter, President, Cryogenic Systems and PartsJeff Walter, President
Many companies in the elastomer industry are becoming more concerned with their treatment of residual flashing. On the face of it, manual flash removal is one of the most common methods of removing excess flash from rubber products. It is also extremely time-consuming and inconsistent in terms of the quality of the finished products. The process of trimming off excess rubber, using scissors, knives, grinders, buffing, or machine stamping by actual human workers makes the job even more monotonous, slow, and expensive due to high labor costs. In addition, safety of employees is becoming even more critical and liability can be extremely costly. These issues have led to several elastomer companies shifting to a more reliable and consistent means of deflashing, i.e., Cryogenic High-Speed Shot Blast Deflashing. This process uses liquid nitrogen, high-speed rotation, and media (shot blast), in varying combinations for flash removal in an exact, economical and expedient manner.

One of the leading pioneers of the cryogenic high-speed shot blast deflashing process is Cryogenic Systems and Parts (CSP). The company, with its high-quality cryogenic deflashing equipment, allows molders and OEMs in the rubber and elastomer industry to deflash effectively. It further offers long-lasting, efficient, and cost-effective machines that help deflash injection molded, extrusion molded, and compression molded parts. CSP is the only manufacturer of deflashing machines approved for use by the U.S. Government.

CSP provides deflashing solutions to an enormous variety of clients, including contract manufacturers who make millions of different parts such as O rings, automotive parts, footwear, and implantable medical devices and virtually any rubber based part. The company offers two basic types of equipment: basket-based machines and belt machines. The basket machines come in four different models and sizes, including a quarter cubic foot, three-quarter cubic foot, one and a half cubic feet, and three cubic feet and are used to process small parts. The belt machine is six cubic foot designed for heavy elastomer parts that are bonded mechanically to metal. These are custom built-to-order according to the clients’ needs and specifications. What truly powers these machines to be robust is the latest technology options, including Siemens PLC and programmable controllers, with multiple deflashing recipes for automatic operation of the machines. The touchscreen, PLC and the programming are extremely intuitive, making it easy to use.

Apart from the technology, another unique aspect of CSP’s machines is its in-built state-of-the-art onboard drying system. This onboard dryer offers efficient, automated drying of the cryogenic deflashing machine and media, with a smaller footprint. The value-added accessory comes with programmable dry and cooldown times as well as automated shutoff, which further allows a fast startup for the machine. It also offers a variety of manual unload trays and vibratory unload tray conveyors along with several regular belt conveyors, to automate the deflashing procedure fully. Along with the mission of offering best-in-class equipment, CSP always places safety as its highest priority by incorporating multiple safety and limit switches to help prevent user injuries.

Apart from the machines themselves, the company offers top-notch support to clients by providing focused training to get up and running with the machines within an hour of installation. “It is part of our customer service and strategy to offer the best service possible because that helps build relationships. We pride ourselves on our customer service and support,” states Jeff Walter, the President of CSP. Another factor that distinguishes CSP is it’s ‘never say never’ approach. The company takes every initiative to prevent clients from having any issues or slowdowns.

Furthermore, manufacturing everything within the U.S. is an added benefit as it eliminates concerns related to shipping from abroad, thus increasing the productivity, reliability, and longevity of its equipment. “We are a global organization and manufacture everything in-house in the U.S.A. We are known to provide the best solutions to our clients,” adds Walter.

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CSP has a major clientele across the U.S and goes beyond the borders to Eastern Europe, mostly the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, as well as the U.K. It envisions expanding further within the U.S market to create a larger network of products and services for the U.S-based clients. The company is also working on continuously improving its products, as we continually develop our machines to enhance features and fit in a smaller footprint which increases efficiency. CSP clients can now eliminate the need to hand deflash and increase their production in the safest way possible.
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Cryogenic Systems and Parts

Anaheim, CA

Jeff Walter, President

Cryogenic Systems and Parts caters to several molders and OEMs in the rubber and elastomer industry by offering industry-leading cryogenic high-speed shot blast deflashing equipment. These machines come in basically two models – basket machines and belt machines. This equipment can be used for small parts as well as heavy elastomer products. Along with the machines, CSP also offers in-built state-of-the-art onboard drying system that enables efficient, automated drying of the cryogenic deflashing machine and media, with a smaller footprint