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Marcus Åberg, CEO, Dellner BubenzerMarcus Åberg, CEO
A vehicle or a piece of equipment is made of several critical components like the engine, gear train, suspension, and others. But, when it comes to safety, it is the braking system that leads the front. Especially in the case of moving equipment (cranes, conveyors, movable bridges, lifts, and others), the ability to stop or slow down a component at a split second can be crucial in saving lives. But how do you ensure that the equipment has the best and most reliable braking system?

DELLNER BUBENZER has the answer. A leading, customer oriented global supplier of braking systems, the company provides solutions that are safe, sustainable, innovative, and at the same time, futuristic. It performs across various verticals and designs braking solutions for the worldwide industrial brake market like material handling, crane & hoist, container handling, mining, marine, industrial, offshore, oil & gas, and wind energy sectors. But as a special solution provider, DELLNER BUBENZER develops your customised braking solution. Under its hood, DELLNER BUBENZER has a plethora of braking solutions that range from standardised and customised brakes to storm, thruster, and safety brakes in order to address the different needs of variegated domains.

One example of an innovative solution from DELLNER BUBENZER is the BUEL® family developed in-house. BUEL® thrusters are used for almost all industrial applications and are setting new industry standards. With the BUEL® family, you are saving energy costs and are also environmentally friendly. Another prime example is the fully electrical stop turning and braking systems for marine propulsion, electrohydraulic storm and brakes for cranes. The DELLNER BUBENZER Stopping, Turning and Locking (STL) systems are precision engineered and fully modular, making it possible to choose from the functions to create a system which fits your application. “These developments embody our vision for the future. We want to change the market with environmentally friendly, innovative and customisable braking solutions.”

“We are singularly focused on creating products that add to customers’ business objectives,” continues Marcus Åberg, CEO, DELLNER BUBENZER. “Being technologically well-oriented, we therefore curate braking solutions that are need-specific.”

We are singularly focused on creating products that add to customers’ business objectives

To that end, DELLNER BUBENZER even offers design services to support the development of braking systems for static and dynamic applications. It helps clients create specifications for machinery components (yaw drives and pinion) and bolts (size, number, type, pre-tension level, and tightening method) by reviewing input data, determining quantity, performing CAD modeling and main frame adjustments, and finally setting up a global FEM model to determine the deformations in the final product.

The uniqueness of DELLNER BUBENZER stems from its ability to act locally even after having its branches spread across the globe. Also, acting as an icing to the cake is its enriched inception story that allows the Kirchen-Wehbach-based firm to infuse in-depth knowledge of all participating entities involved. At this point, Åberg mentions, “We did not acquire the company that cannibalised on their own products or markets. We put together a product portfolio, and we put them together into the group. That combined with a strong organic growth has made us come to where we are. And finally, then we launched our new logo, new profile, and all of that, and combining together unified and stronger as one family, to be able to support our customer even better, by utilizing our global platform with local focus.”

DELLNER BUBENZER also positions its customers as an indispensable growth factor. The company values customers as enriching partners, and thereby works closely along with them to deeply understand their challenges and help them overcome the same. Åberg stresses that the braking system is a part of a bigger application, and hence, drawing insights from the users/ customers helps DELLNER BUBENZER deliver products that are aligned with their business propositions and in line with market trends. This is also one of the factors that differentiate the company from its competitors. DELLNER BUBENZER continuously strives to improve its customer service and offers a worldwide trained network of service technicians. And they go one step further and offer training for customers, help with commissioning, refurbishing and more.

With innovation at its core, DELLNER BUBENZER is now marching ahead to roll out new products in the days to come. The company is also seeking to expand its portfolio, adding a new range of cutting-edge products to its line-up. “Backed by our impeccable workforce, we will keep on innovating and growing along with our customers,” concludes Åberg.

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Dellner Bubenzer

Dellner Bubenzer


Marcus Åberg, CEO

A leading, customer oriented, global supplier of braking products, the company provides solutions that are safe, innovative, and at the same time futuristic