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E-Business International (E-BI): The Optimal Route for Concept to Market

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George Wang, President, and CEO, E-Business International (E-BI)George Wang, President, and CEO A vital component of the manufacturing value chain is the trust that clients build with contracts and subcontractors alike – a trust that is forged with experience, commitment to delivery, and mutual success between manufacturing partners and stakeholders. A strong relationship between businesses and contract manufacturing organizations serves as the pedestal for excellence across design, engineering, production, assembly, testing, and supply chain operations. The benefit of establishing such relationships is showcased by E-Business International (E-BI)—one among the pioneering contract manufacturing organizations.

A testimonial that cements this value proposition comes from Darin Beamish, CEO of Qwizdom. He says, “Initially we selected E-BI based on price, but over time we have found value in their ability to expand the scope of their involvement to save time and staff resource. They are continuously finding ways to help us be successful. They seek joint success, offering more a partner model than a vendor model. That is a superior value proposition.”The partnership model offered above is one of the many avenues taken up by E-BI while engaging with clients to fulfill their manufacturing needs. The company brings ideas to life by delivering on a multitude of manufacturing necessities across a broad clientele. George Wang, president, and CEO of E-BI paints a holistic picture of the contract manufacturing space while highlighting its core competencies.

Mr. Wang explains how E-BI has established itself as a platform solution provider that guides its clients through the various milestones of a product delivery workflow. “Our capability to deliver products, irrespective of the design or engineering complexity, all the while upholding the highest standards of quality, production volume, and manufacturing speed sets us apart from the competition.”

The Promise of Quality, Speed and Volume

With a diversified network of specialty subcontractors handpicked for various manufacturing processes, E-BI combines multiple strengths and capabilities to achieve maximum value from a product manufacturer and a servicing standpoint. Such production diversity allows the company to provision product customizations, thereby incorporating complex design requirements that would otherwise be challenging to achieve for clients.

One of E-BI’s recent engagements with a client—a multi-billion-dollar equipment manufacturer—demonstrates the company’s proficiency in addressing such complex design requirements. The equipment manufacturer traditionally assembled one of their products—a spectrometer—by building pieces of the electronic chipsets separately and bolting them together to form the complete product assembly.

When we consider the various processes involved in GCE, the bigger picture seems to be a math puzzle, with multiple dimensions

The designer of the product, on the other hand, wished to develop the entire product on a single chassis/chipset, rather than joining different pieces together. However, due to tooling complexities and corresponding expenditures associated with such a design, many contract manufacturers refused to take up the challenge. Upon interaction, the project was handed over to E-BI, wherein the engineers built a mold for aluminum casting, followed by a five-axis CNC machine process, surface finishing, and treatment. This design eventually became the breakthrough for the spectrometer in the COVID-stricken world, which enabled the client to rise to the occasion and adequately meet the need of the hour. “The production, since then, has been 24/7, non-stop,” expresses Mr. Wang. Such collaborations highlight the value that E-BI brings to the table and showcase the company’s ability to transform an idea from concept to reality. E-BI has been involved in numerous such prototyping, product testing, and reengineering projects across the world.

“The contract manufacturing space can become a chaotic and competitive environment with multiple recourse and time dependents processes, particularly across the design, engineering, and production stages. Our manufacturability ensures that clients can save 70-80 percent of their time and resources while bringing their products to market,” elaborates Mr. Wang. A manufacturing acumen such as the one portrayed by E-BI upholds the merits and advantages of concurrent global engineering (GCE), invariably contributing to a more significant cost-saving and shorter time-to-market interval. By working hand-in-hand with the designers of the product, E-BI energizes a product to life, from its initial ideation to the final production and distribution. The company traverses the entire manufacturing value chain, ranging from the initial analysis of customer requirements, conceptual design, and computer modeling/simulation to rapid prototyping, testing, and compliance support functions.

14 Dimensions of Contract Manufacturing

A noteworthy mention within E-BI’s skillsets is its ability to simplify the manufacturing process. Before the full-fledged product, E-BI develops an efficient tooling design and manufacturing workflow to assure quality and production efficiency. A well-crafted design for manufacturing (DFM) ultimately decides the look and feel of a product, in addition to improving the rate of production without any machinery idle time; it would consequently minimize the production timeline and eliminate unnecessary expenditures and bottlenecks. More importantly, all of these production enhancements are done on a global scale while addressing local and regional requirements for clients.

“When we consider the various processes involved in GCE, the bigger picture seems to be a math puzzle, with multiple dimensions. Factors such as manufacturability, engineering, profit control, logistics and distribution, customer services, and the like, make up close to 14 different dimensions that impact GCE. And when we interact with a client, we always keep the bigger picture in mind while navigating through this multi-dimensional puzzle,” explains Mr. Wang. Similar to peeling an onion, E-BI dissects clients’ varied business requirements, layer by layer, eventually arriving at the finished product strategically.

A Total GCE solution

In tandem with its engineering competence, E-BI helps clients establish regional and global supply chains and optimizes product distribution and logistics functions, which are an integral part of the company GCE capabilities. Operations ranging from supplier sourcing to quote negotiations are intelligently managed upon a detailed production analysis, highlighting potential risks and pitfalls that a client might encounter in the product distribution life cycle. Mr. Wang emphasizes that these operations can turn out to be quite expensive for businesses; as a result, E-BI implements a total cost optimization strategy before the establishment of the supply chain to ensure minimum distribution overheads. The company precisely orchestrates cost-bound operations within the supply chain through artificial intelligence to obtain actionable insights, which further improvise the efficiency of the supply chain. These operations guarantee business continuity for clients by balancing the different tradeoffs such as low-cost overseas production and associated risks.

“Our capability to deliver products, irrespective of the design or engineering complexity, all the while upholding the highest standards of quality, production volume, and manufacturing speed sets us apart from the competition”

E-BI assists clients in sourcing the right partners for the right job, thereby reducing the concept-to-market interval. The company’s persona of a general contractors’ benefits clients as a worldwide virtual manufacturer that hosts a family of factories and manufacturing facilities, with each establishment providing state-of-the-art technologies. The arsenal of 434 specialty subcontractors under E-BI’s umbrella can potentially pool their resources to deliver on a multitude of GCE and manufacturing needs, without compromising on industrial standards and quality control.

Spanning across a broad spectrum of manufacturing specialties such as metals, plastics, and everything in between, E-BI offers a full continuum of solutions and services, while delivering bold innovations to the market. “I believe in upholding proactiveness, co-operation, positivity, and creativity; or ‘the PCPC,’ as I would call it. These four parameters have been the foundational principles for E-BI’s success in the contract manufacturing space,” adds Mr. Wang, in his conclusive remarks, as he envisions the future of the company. “And our goal for the future is to enhance our platform technologies further and simplify manufacturing processes as a whole.”

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