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EPPS Infotech: Intelligent ERP for Streamlined Manufacturing

Asheer Kapoor, Managing Director, EPPS InfotechAsheer Kapoor, Managing Director
Executives today yearn for a technology infrastructure that gives them an edge in the market by providing actionable information in real time. The cacophony of seamless integration of the shop floor to the top floor is clearly audible. Founded by two industry veterans with the entrepreneurial spirit, EPPS Infotech came into being to address this growing demand for efficiency and accuracy in decision making through its robust and agile ERP system. Since 2011, EPPS has been helping various manufacturers respond faster to the evolving market needs through the integrated decision-making capabilities enabled through ERP system.

EPPS ERP system has the perfect technology capability required for today’s manufacturing requirements. Enabled with the power of hybrid cloud, EPPS ERP system is scalable, easily configurable, mobility-driven, and supports multiple languages. With these capabilities, manufacturers overcome operational difficulties while still being able to host the software in-house and leverage the power of cloud through the Hybrid ERP functionality.

EPPS’ comprehensive digital workflow puts manufacturers in a better position where they can make decisions on the go while still being connected to facilities and locations. The company takes a unique approach to ease the implementation and usage of the product that results in increased end user engagement resulting in enhanced customer experience.

The ERP solution comes with a unique set of customizable modules based on the individual needs of the customers that help in gaining greater process efficiency and sustained growth in a complex environment spanning several plants across geographies. The Finance and Controlling module helps manufacturers keep track of their finance by providing real time cash flow statements.

The module also helps them in all aspects of their financial transactions enabling them with informed decision-making.

Through production and quality management module, the EPPS ERP helps manufacturers to reduce production cost and optimize resource utilization. The module focuses on efficient planning of material requirement, production order, multi-level BOM with co-products and by-products. Tracking client order, customer’s materials, and other key information, Insourcing Management module facilitates delivery of the product to the client. This module takes control of the contract management, stock visibility, labor charges invoicing providing detailed information about the various facets of the production environment. With focus on the workforce management, the intuitive ERP solution helps companies streamline employee engagement by automating and consolidating major HR and payroll processes.

EPPS believes that effective governance of business policy is vital for a successful business. To this end, EPPS provides customizable role-setting feature making it easy to oversee business governance by ensuring data integrity and security across departments and levels of the organization. With growing compliance requirements, the company ensures clients stay efficient in meeting compliance through its robust foundation for transparency and automation in compliance management.

With these capabilities, EPPS is enabling successful business across the manufacturing spectrum encompassing Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Food & Beverages, Consumer Goods, High End Electronics, Process Manufacturing and more. Through EPPS, clients have been able to resuscitate their end-to-end business process and operations workflow including logistics, freight management, warehouse and inventory management, dispatch and stock control.

EPPS Infotech’s vision is all about enabling its clients to achieve efficiency, agility, and intelligent decision-making. The company fosters the culture of creativity among its employees to propel their efficacy as problem solvers for the customers the company deals with. As demand soars for comprehensive software suite that offers flexibility and accuracy in managing critical business processes, EPPS Infotech strides ahead with vigor and passion to bring its agile ERP platform to more manufacturers across the globe.