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Tim Purdie, CEO, Filter HoldingsTim Purdie, CEO
The general notion around air pollution often leads one to believe that only outdoor air is polluted and unsafe to breathe over long periods. But according to the World Health Organization (WHO), even indoor air pollution has been linked to a range of adverse health effects, including cardiovascular and lung diseases. This is pushing businesses to prioritize the indoor air quality at their workplace and create a healthy work environment, particularly in industrial plants where indoor air pollution is an unavoidable side-effect. Instead of taking a reactive approach to indoor air filtration, a more proactive stance on pollution control backed by necessary air filters has become paramount. A vanguard in the filtration arena, Filter Holdings is helping global businesses maintain a healthy work environment with its highperformance industrial filtration products and premium filter bags.

Notably, Filter Holdings has successfully helped thousands of companies across various industries with its high-performance filtration products and expert service for over 70 years. “Every customer and their filtration needs are unique, and we make sure to tailor our products according to their distinct requirements,” says Timothy Purdie, CEO of Filter Holdings. While it has experience in supporting the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical sectors, the company is not limited in its ability to assist any commercial processing operation that requires premium solutions for air, gas, or liquid filtration. This breadth of experience gives Filter Holdings an edge in effectively solving complex industrial filtration issues.

The company’s proven ability to innovate and fabricate high-quality industrial filters and filtration products is paving the way for dedicated and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

With a proven record of accomplishments assisting companies across the U.S. and overseas, Filter Holdings has a special focus on industrial operations that need filtration of chemically reactive agents, fine dust, aerosols, high-temperature air streams, and static sensitive dust/air mixtures. The company’s innovative products are ideal for even the most complex requirements and perfectly suited for applications ranging from chemical, metal, mineral, battery, and wood to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics. Filter Holdings has also developed a broad range of innovative fabrics and specialized coatings to produce advanced, high-performance filter media that optimally perform and endure the most severe processing conditions. For instance, one of Filter Holdings’ clients in the ethanol industry was experiencing delays because their filter bags kept getting wet in the humid filtration environment. To mitigate the issue, Filter Holdings used oleophobic bag material to develop filters that don’t stick to the sides of the bags. This innovative approach increased not only the life of the filter but also the uptime of the entire unit.
  • Every customer and their filtration needs are unique, and we make sure that we tailor our products according to their distinct requirements

Equally impressive are Filter Holdings’ production facilities, which combine the latest computer-controlled sewing equipment with old-world craftsmanship to produce filtration products of the highest quality, with precision and attention to detail. Filter Holdings relies on its experienced operators to ensure perfection across its entire product portfolio. The company supplements these aspects further with dedicated support services. Every member of Filter Holdings’ support staff is adept at every aspect of industrial filter production and can assist clients promptly without any holdup.

Moving ahead with these outstanding capabilities, Filter Holdings is keen on continuing its innovative and intuitive product development cycles to help more businesses worldwide manage their indoor air quality and create a healthier workplace. From a portfolio standpoint, the company is focusing more on customized filtration products in the coming months. With these goals in mind, Filter Holdings is set to redefine the paradigm of industrial filtration across a plethora of sectors.

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Filter Holdings

Filter Holdings

Union, NJ

Tim Purdie, CEO

Filter Holdings has successfully been serving thousands of companies across a variety of industries with high-performance industrial filtration products—including premium filter bags and expert service—for over 70 years.