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Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.: Culture, Passion, and Innovation for Greater Manufacturing Outcomes

Susan Ralph, President, Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.Susan Ralph, President
“Be fair, be proud of your work, always give 100 percent, and don’t ever forget that a happy customer will be our path to success.”– Adolf Frey, co-founder of Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc. These are not just words but precepts that Frey & Weiss continues to live by for the last 50 years. With such values in its DNA, the company has evolved significantly from a manually-driven machine shop to a precision machining firm backed by a client-centric business strategy, modern thinking, and advanced technologies. Today, under the aegis of the co-owners and sisters Susan Ralph and Linda Rosenburg (daughters of Frey), the woman-owned firm thrives on maintaining transparency, consistent communication, and long-term relationship with not only clients but also its employees. “We are a small team of dedicated professionals who respond quickly to clients’ requests,” says Susan Ralph, President of Frey & Weiss. Eyeing continuous improvement and flexible customer service, the company continues to invest in its employees through consistent training and benefits.

Being part of the firm for close to 40 years, Susan and Linda have transformed Frey & Weiss into a small parts manufacturing company that specializes in precision machining and manufacturing CNC/manual machining, grinding, laser engraving, CAD/CAM, honing, and assembly. From healthcare to defense to aerospace, organizations from different industries trust Frey & Weiss for its quality-first mindset and timely delivery. Frey & Weiss has achieved ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications that enable the company to deliver end-to-end services, from prototype to final product, based on client specifications with ease while meeting all the regulatory mandates. “We adapt to client requirements at each stage of project execution that makes us a true partner for our clients,” says Linda Rosenberg, Vice President of Frey & Weiss.

Up to speed with the latest technology developments, Frey & Weiss runs a state-of-the-art facility with advanced CNC machines, automation, ERP, and inventory controls.

Linda Rosenberg, Vice President
Computer-based engineering support, large capacity machining center, fully automated loading, and multi-tasking turning centers, and value-added mechanical assembly are some of the highlights of the facility. “We constantly upgrade our equipment to deliver the best value to our clients. Both CNC Turning and CNC Milling machines used in 2 shifts in the facility, we have recently purchased a new double turret with advanced production system turning center to increase our productivity,” says Susan.

We are a small team of dedicated professionals who respond quickly to clients’ requests

The biggest asset of Frey & Weiss is its dedicated and skilled employees across the organizational hierarchy. The employees bring passion and commitment to exceed client expectations by delivering high-quality products on time. As part of the company’s continuous improvement strategy, Frey & Weiss stresses employee training and benefits programs as well as unbridled communication. Such programs and work culture improve employee loyalty, which, in turn, helps enhance client engagement and satisfaction. For instance, a company approached Frey & Weiss for machining of a particular unit. Impressed with the results, the company brought the other units of the product to Frey & Weiss and continues to be part of the clientele for the last 25 years.

As the second generation in the family, Susan and Linda have pivoted their business to adopt the ongoing digital revolution and use the abundant data to make decisions. The duo aims to foster the long-cherished company values in the third generation while guiding them to taking a measured approach to using the latest technologies to improve client experience.

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Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.

Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.

Wood Dale, IL

Susan Ralph, President and Linda Rosenberg, Vice President

Provides a bevy of precision-based machining services driven by quality, compliance, and strong culture