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Genius ERP: Optimizing ERP for Custom Manufacturers

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Jean Magny, CEO, Genius ERPJean Magny, CEO
Manufacturing is booming. In addition, small to medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) are well poised to grow rapidly, but they also face a multitude of challenges, including staffing shortages, efficient resource management, and finding technologies and software solutions that suit their businesses. These challenges are further aggravated for manufacturers of custom or complex products because of the increased complexity of high-mix, low-volume work. SME business owners and executives are seeking ERP solutions that can simplify these complex processes, and help them get more products manufactured and delivered efficiently. Genius ERP, developed, implemented and supported entirely by Genius Solutions, was built specifically for custom manufacturers, with features designed solely to overcome the challenges these companies face daily.

Genius ERP’s unique engineering-to-cash system offers a full suite of manufacturing-specific solutions including MRP, MES, Engineering, Inventory Management, Accounting, Scheduling, Production and more. Their proprietary CAD2BOM feature integrates directly with SolidWorks and Inventor, and allows clients to seamlessly push, read, and gather live data from active and future jobs, improving and accelerating delivery, while streamlining workflow and productivity. Genius ERP’s scheduling feature lets customers accurately forecast scheduling by automating the collection of reliable data and enabling efficient utilization of resources.

In order to deliver a highly optimized ERP process, Genius ERP helps their clientele by streamlining the flow of information through the various departments of their organizations. “Genius ERP connects every department, including engineering, and enables collaboration between every team, from the top floor to the shop floor, at every stage during the manufacturing of complex products,” says Jean Magny, CEO of Genius Solutions.

Genius’ proven implementation plan consists of three phases— Knowledge Gathering, Knowledge Transfer, and Knowledge Application. In the Knowledge Gathering phase, the company’s team of Engineers, Accountants and Project Managers, all with extensive manufacturing experience, goes on-site at a client’s plant and reviews all their processes to gain a thorough understanding of their individual priorities. Next, the company collects all the necessary data and builds a prototype, to ensure they maintain their industry-leading implementation rates. During the Knowledge Transfer phase, Genius commences training, organizes workshops, and leads simulations for various teams to ensure effective utilization of their solution. Finally, in the Knowledge Application phase, the Genius team works with the manufacturer to complete the installation and adoption of Genius ERP across the company, staying engaged to guarantee a smooth transition.

The key differentiator for Genius is their client-centric approach toward the development and deployment of their product. “We constantly take in feedback from our clients and incorporate those developments into our product to deliver a superior, personalized solution to our clients,” explains Magny. Highlighting Genius’ impact on a client organization is their success story with Hinds- Bock Corporation, where the company needed a simplified ERP solution to help them gain an understanding of every aspect of their production line to ensure a high level of quality. After collaborating with Genius Solutions, Hinds-Bock gained the ability to efficiently track the progress and manage their production processes. In addition, Genius’ CAD2BOM feature aligned the company’s accounting data with manufacturing to streamline their business operations and offer a superior ERP process.

Genius Solutions is continuing to grow quickly in North America, while also developing plans to expand into Europe and South America. On the product side, the company will be releasing S-DBR scheduling in spring 2019, as well as other custom manufacturing focused features. Magny explains that the company will maintain their growth plans but not change drastically in order to continue helping their core customers, “Our customers are the foundation of our business so even though we are growing, we will always stay focused on helping our customers grow as well.”