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Mike Terzich, President and CEO, HydraForce Mike Terzich, President and CEO
The heavy equipment industry serves as the backbone for some of the largest sectors across the world, be it agriculture, construction, mining, or manufacturing. Although each of these sectors has their own diverse equipment requirements, there’s one common aspect that ties them all— the performance of their equipment depends on the reliability and quality of the hydraulic components and circuits powering them.

And who can testify the significance of this statement more than MEC—a large OEM who was looking for an ideal hydraulic solution provider to build a versatile mobile equipment with a large retractable 22 by 7.5-foot platform of 4000lbs capacity on a 40-foot-tall boom lift. But to achieve this, the mobile equipment needed to have the capacity of telehandler and the dexterity of a straight boom with 180-degree platform rotation. The requirement mandated the equipment to be compact enough for stowing, while also enabling torsional loading. To help them design, test, and develop such a machine, MEC turned to HydraForce, one of the most sought-after hydraulic solution providers in the market today.

By utilizing the HydraForce’s proportional directional control valve with integral load-sensing capability, the OEM was able to create a compact manifold design, which in turn allowed for a more flexible mounting configuration. In addition, MEC leveraged the HydraForce’s pressure-compensated flow control valve to significantly reduce vibration to the point where it was undetectable through the platform floor. Backed by such leading-edge hydraulic solutions and industry expertise of HydraForce, MEC was able to develop their product, Titan Boom™ 40-S Lift successfully. The product was not only able to sell out all of its first year’s production, but it was also named ‘Product of the Year’ by the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPA).

What Makes HydraForce an OEM’s Partner of Choice?

“A big part of what differentiates us is our 35 years of knowledge and proficiency in the field, combined with the multitude of OEM relationships we have built over this time, and our partnerships with over 100 leading distributors who provide regional assistance, system expertise and support with application development,” says Mike Terzich, CEO of HydraForce.

The company was founded in 1985 to address the mobile equipment industry’s need for quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds. Since then, HydraForce has been at the helm of innovation and design flexibility, delivering compact, cost-effective, and versatile hydraulic components and circuits for a myriad of industries.

Today, the company is a ‘market favorite’ for some of the largest OEMs across the globe, and has facilities in Europe, UK, Asia Pacific, and South America to serve its broad range of clientele. It provides customized hydraulic solutions for everything from tractors and harvesters to marine and alternative energy applications. Its high-performance hydraulic valves and manifolds are designed to meet almost every need encountered in machine design for flow rates from 0.1 to 140 gallons per minute. The componentscanfit a wide range of industry-standardvalve cavities.

Moreover,with its proprietary innovations like i-Design hydraulic circuit design manifold tool, HydraForce empowers clients to design their own custom valve manifolds.

A big part of what differentiates us is our 35 years of knowledge and proficiency in the field, combined with the multitude of OEM relationships we have built over this time, and our partnerships with over 100 leading distributors who provide regional assistance, system expertise and support with application development

The company further bolsters the usability of these robust solutions with its ‘just in time’ production methodology to ensure that the clients reach their manufacturing deadlines in a seamless manner. As soon as the design stage is complete,HydraForce utilizes rapid prototyping and precise machining, assembly, and testing to deliver the final products. The custom valve manifolds also come with no-leak, screw-in componentry with quick valve removal and replacement capability. To top it all, both standard and customized hydraulic circuits and components require little to no plumbing and maintenance, thereby saving costs and offering greater ROI for OEMs.

“Our primary focus todayis to address the long-standing development gaps in the OEM sector,” mentions Terzich. So, the hydraulic experts at HydraForce engage with OEMs from the early design iterations of equipment manufacturing to help them optimize the entire development process.

Enhancing Value by Adding Digital Layers

According to Terzich, OEMs have always depended onnurturing long-standing relationships with their customers. Even after a product is sold, the OEMs have a role to play throughout the lifecycle of that product, whether it is through partnered dealers or maintenance service providers. Today, the same trend continues, but with a new layer of IoT, big data, data analytics, and other emerging technologies.

HydraForce is enabling these OEMs and their end-customers to incorporate data-gathering, exchanging, and analyzing capabilities into their equipment. The integrations are designed to optimize the performance of machines while also reducing the runtime costs, decreasing idle times, and facilitating a proactive maintenance approach. The data gathered by the equipment, whether through sensors or other components, also helps operators achieve greater efficiency, dealers in enhancing their sales capability, and service providers in offering predictive maintenance. Whether it is providing insights on how to optimize the utilization of farm equipment or enhancing the performance of construction machinery through actionable data, HydraForce is always one step ahead in ensuring that the OEMs deliver greater value to their customers through the data-driven equipment offerings. HydraForce is also cementing its foothold in digital space by partnering with IoT leaders and augmenting its portfolio of telematics offerings in the mobile hydraulic equipment landscape.

Steering the Heavy Equipment Industry Toward Success

Right now, the HydraForce workforce is‘supercharging’ its drive for more meaningful growth in the years ahead. Terzich’s extensive expertise in radio frequency scanning, rugged mobile computing, RFID tagging, and other technologies is enabling HydraForce to get a stronger foothold in the IoT space. The CEO is confident in steering the company toward success by investing in the new data trends while focusing on its core competencies of cartridge valve and manifold development. “We, as market leaders in hydraulic valve and manifold solutions, are on a mission to make a mark on the already changing world through technological innovation and collaboration,” concludes Terzich.

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Mike Terzich, President and CEO

HydraForce partners with customers' engineers to create customized hydraulic control solutions that enhance the performance, value, and durability of their mobile equipment. As the world's largest supplier of high performance hydraulic cartridge valves, electro-hydraulic valves, custom manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls, the company brings together more than 1,000 people who are focused on pushing the boundaries of the industry.It provides custom solutions for everything from tractors and harvesters to front loaders, fork lifts, snow plows,power train, marine and alternative energy applications