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ITD Precision: Global Metal Stamper Poised for Growth in 2021

Michael C. Tofte, President, ITD PrecisionMichael C. Tofte, President
At the heart of ITD Precision’s 70 year manufacturing dominance is a zero defects mentality. “That’s how we roll. It’s as simple as that,” say Mike Tofte, the 3rd generation President of ITD Precision. Squarely focused on 2021 and beyond, this global metal stampings corporation has weathered economic downturns over the decades and come out strong due in large part to a laser-focus on high-tolerance quality and close collaboration with their customers. “You could say that manufacturing is in our blood,” says Tofte referring to the ingenuity of his grandfather who started a business in 1946 and through decades of consistent delivery on quality and dependability now operates two plants based in Houston and Harlingen, Texas and services parts to customers across the globe.

In 1946, master machinist C.F. Fred Tofte started his company ITD Precision with a focus on designing and manufacturing industrial tools and dies. During the late 1960s, a customer suggested incorporating metal stamping operations into his company, and Fred Tofte reimagined ITD as a one-stop-shop solution for all parts metal machining could provide. When Fred handed over the business to his son, Michael A. Tofte, he put the wheels of ITD in full growth mode. He broadened ITD’s reach into the automotive sector and invested in a turnkey manufacturing solution, bringing e-coat, heat-treating molding and assembly into its already high-quality operations. The trajectory of growth pushed ITD Precision from a machine shop to a thriving two-plant corporation with revenues cresting $24 million worldwide by 2008.

Today, the company is led by Michael C. Tofte—the grandson of C.F. Tofte—who is following in his family’s footsteps and continuing ITD Precision’s core mantra of zero defects. “Competing today in this space requires best in class operations from die technology to stamping to e-coat, heat-treating, molding and assembly.” President Mike Tofte contends that it is the employees who have driven them to the top of the preferred manufactures list, they have embraced the zero defects culture and have made it their own.

“We go way beyond metal stampings. You have to in order to excel today. Our employees embraced the demands of the industry, and they deliver daily on that mission.” says Tofte.

We go way beyond metal stampings. You have to in order to excel today. Our employees embraced the demands of the industry, and they deliver daily on that mission

At the core of ITD Precision’s success is every employee embracing what they refer to internally as EIM, the ‘Excellence In Manufacturing’ initiative. “To achieve these goals, we account every single day for our performance based on five metrics; quality, delivery, costs, safety and employee involvement. We have knocked it out of the park on our EIM initiatives and I’m proud of our employees for their contributions to our success,” adds Tofte.

Further, Tofte mentions how ITD Precision emphasizes driving better teamwork within and across departments, adopting state-of-the-art waste elimination processes, and leveraging the 5-S methodology to workplace safety. ITD is proud of a strong employee retention rate, which he attributes to a spirit of teamwork and pride in each part program they run. Owing to these competencies, the company delivers high-quality metal stampings and assemblies at competitive prices, thereby fostering a business culture that attracts highly competent professionals.

Currently, Tofte remains very bullish on expanding its core customer base, which has grown out of referrals from the automotive, HVAC, industrial and construction industries. He sees 2021 as an opportunity year for new business. From a geographical standpoint, ITD Precision is perfectly situated to service growing partnerships in Mexico and to expand its clientele in the Central American market. “While, we have never devised a sales strategy, our reputation is allowing us to reach out to new industry sectors. We want to zero in on those opportunities this year.”

Tofte never misses an opportunity to circle back to the ethos of his company, “Hearing all our presses operating at full capacity is music to our ears. It brings energy to the floor and that energy is going to bring ITD to new heights this year.”

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ITD Precision

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