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Sait Demirel, VP of Sales of KANCA, Mustafa Şirin R&D department team leader, KANCA ForgingSait Demirel, VP of Sales of KANCA, Mustafa Şirin R&D department team leader
Growing concerns around global warming, population growth, resource scarcity, globalization, and environmental degradation demand increased awareness and adoption of sustainable and green engineering practices. While material scientists are exploring new ways to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, near-net-shape manufacturing has emerged as an important trend to save energy, material, processing cost, and finishing cost. As an alternative to conventional processes, this manufacturing brings in decreased chip removal operations on a metal part, which translates to reduced consumption of operation energy and raw material volume, along with decreased energy needed to produce and carry the removed material all the way from the mine to the end-user. However, it’s easier said than done.

The manufacture of complex precision near-net-shapes in the metal forming industry requires the effective use of different methods such as hot, warm, and cold forming and coining operations together with the deep knowledge of material structure, FEM simulations, and die technology. The prototyping phase demands fine-tuning with the involvement of all these disciplines. The challenge herein is to have all these professions and abilities under one roof and managing them in a synchronized manner. This is where companies like KANCA Forging are moving the needle. As a trusted and reliable long-term partner for forging solutions, KANCA specializes in the production of an extensive range of hand tools and modernized forging line to supply high quality forged parts to the industry, thereby meeting and exceeding client expectations with regard to quality, logistics, work ethics, costs, and sustainability.

With over five decades of rich industry experience, KANCA provides solutions and expertise to its customers for high quality and tight tolerance forging parts. Having started with hand tools in the early 1960s, the company has come a long way to become one of the bulk metal forming experts. “Most of the companies in the metal forming industry have expertise on one type of forming, it may be cold forming or warm forming. But we are experienced in all these different forming methods as we have the proper machinery, knowledge and also the production lines,” states Sait Demirel, VP of Sales of KANCA. With the dies being produced in-house, KANCA leverages this advantage to deliver the precision required in a product.

Besides its unparalleled experience and expertise, the uniqueness of KANCA also stems from its ability to control the parameters of the manufacturing process accurately. Being an approved automotive supplier for many OEM and tier-one companies, KANCA is continuously developing its quality system, integrating all its processes and production lines with digitalization tools. Automotive forging parts form a majority of KANCA’s production. With diverse facilities from product and tool design, production to forging, heat treatment, and machining, KANCA offers everything under one roof and has evolved as a single point of supply for renowned organizations in the industry.

Considering the ever-changing landscape of the automotive industry, KANCA acknowledges the growing demand for engines that efficient, agile, and smooth. In the same vein, Demirel illustrates that as the high-pressure cylinders enable the cars to stop and start immediately, what gets overlooked is the precisely adjusted and balanced weights moving inside the engine such as piston and connecting rod. Even if all the dimensions of the parts are correct and inside the tolerance of technical drawings, it may be out of weight tolerance.

To address this issue, KANCA produces these parts in high quantities, and the final weight is determined after machining operations. In short, to understand that the forging parts are within the precise weight limits, the forged parts are 3D scanned, virtually machined, and then weighed. This also allows KANCA to be highly transparent and accountable to its customers in terms of product properties, parameters, traceability, and quality. With such strong capabilities and value proposition in place, it stands to reason that numerous organizations from the automotive, railway, and defence industries, rely on KANCA for achieving products just in time with the desired quality and affordable price. Further to meet the demands of the customer, Kanca has invested heavily in increasing their North American presence. First, by bringing on Scott Weyandt as the North American Lead for forgings. Weyandt brings with him an extensive background of Forgings and the related machining processes Kanca will pursue in NA. Secondly by renting a part of 120,000 Sq ft facility in Wood Dale IL. This investment will help lessen the burden of facilitating international shipments for our valued customers. This allows freight outbound options from IL to anywhere in the country.

Demirel credits the success of KANCA to its buoyant and dynamic team that is committed to producing the products correctly the first time and enabling customers’ and workers’ satisfaction with continuous improvement. The team is driven by the idea of meeting and exceeding the diverse precision metal forming needs of its clients with utmost flexibility and fast response to designing as well as manufacturing of the tools as compared to its competitors. Interestingly, the company also has the capability to compete in both high volume and low volume productions. KANCA holds the proficiency to manufacture flashless forged parts in closed dies, automate forging processes with the aid of transfer press lines, and utilize robot automation in forging lines in finishing and control lines. “Our company brings in a co-design capability. Besides carbon steel and alloyed steels, KANCA has the capability and experience to design and develop forging processes for materials like Aluminium, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and more,” asserts Demirel.

To further illustrate the benefits of working with KANCA, Mustafa Şirin (R&D department team leader) cites a client success story. A well-known company approached KANCA and requested them to increase the production of one of their products due to a steep increase in the demand for the product. As the client had to supply two times the higher volume in a short span of time, KANCA started an improvement and investment project. Since the parts were considerably precise and subjected to strict production and approval processes, KANCA was one of the few producers in the world that could successfully enable the manufacturing. The only option was increasing the current lines’ output and investing in a completely new production line. The project involved many different production machines, testing systems, new employees, and high-level technological integrations together with increased quality expectations. In a year, the cooperative and efficient work done by the project teams of both parties was able to meet the requirements of the customer and increase the supply quantities and improve KPIs.

Most of the companies in the metal forming industry have expertise on one type of forming, it may be cold forming or warm forming. But we are experience in all these different forming methods as we have the proper machinery, knowledge and also the production lines

The long-standing position of KANCA is further strengthened by its continued plans for expanding its existing product line. Alongside, the company is also looking forward to introducing full automation in product lines, implementation of transfer lines, and utilization of robots in all production steps. At the same time, KANCA is likely to invest in electromobility to deliver parts for electric cars. Going forward, KANCA is planning to utilize more image processing systems in quality control processes and will also extend their self-made SCADA system to cover every section of the factory.
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Sait Demirel, VP of Sales of KANCA, Mustafa Şirin R&D department team leader

KANCA began production of hand tools in the early 1960s as a family owned company with a workforce of just 20. A short time later, as the quality of the products was well accepted by the market, the range expanded to cover a very extensive spectrum of hand tools.