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Aleš Golob, Managing Director, LabelProfiAleš Golob, Managing Director
Once considered a necessity for only consumer products, labelling and packaging have become critical marketing tools today. Many brands leverage the psychological effects of an attractive label and design to entice potential consumers and sell more in retail outlets. A poor packaging choice can damage a brand’s reputation, and hence, companies heavily invest in the research and development of excellent quality labels and packaging. Despite having the capital, businesses seldom have the expertise to leverage casings as an effective marketing tool. Helping businesses maximise the immense potential of packaging and labels is LabelProfi—a Slovenia-based digital printing company that helps consumer-product manufacturers by providing innovative, flexible, and extraordinary solutions backed by cutting edge technologies. Elaborating more on its offering, Ales Golob, Managing Director of LabelProfi, says, “As experts in the field of packa ging and labelling, LabelProfi helps businesses choose the best materials, printing techniques, and finishing options for their products by offering a complete solution.”

With only seven employees, the company was founded in 1994 to provide solutions for small packaging requests of small and medium businesses. In 2012, by investing heavily into the production lines, technology forefront, and internal workflows, the company expanded its portfolio of products with digitally printed flexible packaging and labels solutions and started serving large companies. Today, with over sixty employees, the firm is a digital printing brand with over a thousand customers across Europe. “Our growth is approximately thirty to forty per cent per year and we were nominated as the fastest-growing company in Slovenia,” Golob adds. LabelProfi’s immense success reflects the company’s endeavours to stay parallel with the latest trends and demands of the industry. With environmental sustainability growing increasingly critical to corporates, LabelProfi also practices carbon-neutral production with minimal waste. While addressing sustainability in their products, Golob adds, “Our completely compostable and recyclable foils, pouches, and labels help our clients keep their operations sustainable.”

LabelProfi’s innovative solutions are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC, and BRC certified and are greatly complemented by the company’s customer-centric approach.

As experts in the field of packaging and labelling, LabelProfi helps businesses choose the best materials, printing techniques, and finishing options for their products by offering a complete solution

LabelProfi takes pride in its customer support services which aid the company in providing solutions that go above and beyond the customer’s expectations. The organisation serves a vast clientele that consists of various suppliers who expect top-quality packaging and labels. Discussing the significant challenges that clients face today, Golob elaborates, “Businesses need to deliver their products in shorter lead times since consumers want to receive their products quickly. With our highly automated processes, we always offer rapid and consistent delivery. We help our clients organise their workflow and treat them as partners.” LabelProfi cuts lead time by three to four days while maintaining excellent quality, enabling its clients to accelerate their operational speed.

The client’s operational work process entailed receiving customer orders and ensuring delivery within twelve hours. With over ten thousand SKU and no stock in production, the client struggled to maintain efficient internal operations and serve its customers on time. LabelProfi offered its expertise and supported label production daily. As a result, the client could deploy a more flexible production process, automate and optimise internal workflow, and significantly reduce the lead time. Owing to the strong performance results, the customer has maintained a strong relationship with LabelProfi for over seven years now. Offering packaging and labelling solutions is more than mere business for LabelProfi. As one of the industry leaders in the sector, the company does not hesitate to share its knowledge with the rest of the world. “We don’t operate in the same way as our competitors; we have our own set of values. We make our internal research materials available on our website and strive to assist our customers in every possible manner,” Golob adds. The company offers consistent support and high-quality solutions to all of its clients. This customer-centric approach of LabelProfi has earned it a trustworthy reputation, and its clients frequently recommend it to their associates. The organisation constantly invests in solutions to ensure it supports the clients better. As Golob concludes, “With our research and development, we will always bring something new to the table and will help new businesses get the most out of their labels and packaging solutions.”

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Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Aleš Golob, Managing Director and Rok Nabernik, Technical Director

LabelProfi offers innovative and reliable digital packaging and labelling services that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective. Its team has years of experience in the fields of graphics and production printing. The company always tries to nurture long-term business relations with its partners. Innovative solutions, flexibility, excellent customer support and the use of cutting-edge technology are a must in the company. These serve as a foundation for high-quality label and packaging products and services with high added value and competitive prices