2D, 3D, and CT Imaging Technology to Keep the Production Line Safe

2D, 3D, and CT Imaging Technology to Keep the Production Line Safe

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, March 18, 2019

Identifying the manufacturing defects has long been a concern for companies, but the conventional methods often appear to be expensive and complicated. Aegis Software, a provider of Manufacturing Execution Software or MES has announced merger among its FactoryLogix MES platform and Omron Inspection Systems’ Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems. This collaboration will facilitate the whole process of quality control and will provide an automated way to collect and identify defect data at the time of inspections.

From automotive to defense, Aegis Software covers a vast area. In the automotive industry, the company helps to control the interlock processes and to manage test data, and for the defense sector, it ensures the quality of mission-critical products.

FactoryLogix is a cost-effectively integrated suite, aimed at helping different manufacturing operations providing end-to-end support for the whole process of manufacturing and ensures MSD and PLC control and data acquisition. This solution integrates the New Product Introduction (NPI) system to have a better understanding of the CAD design and the BOM. Aegis will show its digital MES solution at The Global Industrie Smart Industries show In Lyon which is a distinct achievement for the company.

Omron Inspection System is a provider of 2D, 3D, and CT imaging technology in order to facilitate offline productivity. Its Inspection Pro gets integrated with Omron Automatic Optical Inspection systems such as VT-S720, VT-S500 or VT-RNS2 to properly manage inspection history. The increased focal depth and automatic angle and magnification adjustment feature help to improve the quality of the image to minimize the possibility of a mistake. The Concurrent Teaching Software (CTS) is an offline program creation solution for VT-X700 which keeps the production line safe.

The VP series data analysis software from Omron Inspection System has the ability to monitor defect rates, solder paste volumes and displacement trends in real-time, offering the engineers an opportunity to read the results properly.

Under this integration between Omron and Aegis, FactoryLogix will automatically have the data collected from Omron and will cost-effectively provide improved efficiency. This merger will lead to complete customer satisfaction by cutting short the risk factors and ensuring quality outcomes.

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