4 Physical Security Concerns Manufacturers Should be Aware of

4 Physical Security Concerns Manufacturers Should be Aware of

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, April 07, 2021

4 Physical Security Concerns Manufacturers Should be Aware of

Manufacturing firms have a lot to consider when it comes to physical security.

FREMONT, CA: The manufacturing sector is frequently exposed to security attacks. The vulnerability lies within the belief that they are not the targets because they don’t hold massive consumer data hence, not concentrating on cybersecurity. The manufacturing industry's security risks include everything from operational downtime, product manipulation, and physical damage and, therefore, the theft of sensitive data. When physical devices fail, it can put all security investments at risk. For manufacturers, securing physical security also means protecting information, personnel, and product. Here are some physical concerns that manufacturers should be aware of.

• Violence, Criminality, and Theft

This one might sound straightforward, but often these seemingly avoidable breaches cause the most harm to a manufacturer. There are several ways that theft can happen in manufacturing facilities. Unauthorized personnel can harm the facility with a single breach in the lock system. If an outsider can breach the lock system, they will be given access to open doors and gates, enabling them entry into confidential areas. Employees have access to video and monitors and the potential to remove records, which would remove any evidence of the crime. 

Top 10 Industrial Safety and Security Solution Companies in Europe - 2021• Risk Assessments and Old Facilities

Enterprises with older plants could have vulnerabilities that they are unaware of, and updating these could be a substantial investment. Risk evaluations is the first step to enhance physical security.

• Cybersecurity Hybrids

With an increase in security threats, there has also been an increase in hybrid physical and cyberattacks. Things like smart doors, locks, networked security cameras, and alarms leveraged to keep property secure now become a target to hackers. Once they get control over these systems, they can enter the building and seamlessly carry out their plans.

• Lack of Training

Avoiding a security threat can be as simple as training employees on protocols and procedures. By training customers on physical security and having developed personnel that can troubleshoot security systems, manufacturers can rapidly react to events and potentially avoid loss. Manufacturers should ensure that employees are trained on firm policies such as taking data home, decommissioned equipment, and secure workstations.

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