A Subsidiary for Artificial Intelligence

A Subsidiary for Artificial Intelligence

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, March 23, 2020

Prof. Jürgen Kletti, Founder & CEO

The collaboration of the two companies will equip users with a subsidiary for artificial intelligence.

FREMONT, CA: With technological advancements gaining momentum, the expanse of the competitive market keeps on diffusing further and further. Following the quote "Survival of the fittest," enterprises tend to undertake innovative reforms to set a benchmark for budding companies. With applications ranging from heavy machinery to healthcare, the existence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in today's globe is quickly increasing. From streamlining activities to enhancing decision-making, it has become apparent that this innovation has the ability to revolutionize the way the everyday environment operates.

While keeping the continuously changing market in mind, MPDV, a manufacturing environment service provider collaborated with PerfectPattern to find an artificial intelligence-based subsidiary Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Excellence Solutions (AIMES). With the formulation of AIMES, the enterprises seek to establish and supply Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer parts to the production industry.

Based on the collaboration and the integration of AIMES’ functionalities, MPDV is adding a machine learning component in its product portfolio. AI-based systems are a key variable in the forthcoming manufacturing IT industry. Incorporated with PerfectPattern's facilities to guide the IT solution, MPDV will gain an expanded grip on manufacturing and support businesses around the world, which will further pave the company’s path toward constructing a technologically intelligent future.

MPDV expanded manufacturing execution system (MES) to deposit all digital information in a single core repository, making it possible to better analyze present and future production activities. Furthermore, subjects like Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning are cutting-edge. By operating with PerfectPattern and the joint subsidiary AIMES, MPDV is enhancing its stance in various areas and opening up incredibly unique possibilities on the manner to the Smart Factory for manufacturing businesses.

On the other side, techniques such as the automated data science platform PHYTHIA and decision-making technology CORTEX, for instance, have been evaluated and analyzed by PerfectPattern in the graphic arts sector. Now both techniques are being brought to MPDV under the guidance of AIMES.

Previously, Manufacturing Technology Insights recognized MPDV for its unique and efficient contribution on integrated MES for advanced analytics as "Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers" in 2016.

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