Advantages Of Digital Transformation In Chemical Production

Advantages Of Digital Transformation In Chemical Production

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, May 13, 2022

The digital transformation of chemical manufacturing is a lengthy process. It does not occur instantly.

FREMONT, CA: The chemical production business is more competitive, diminishing profit margins. Manufacturers of chemicals have two primary strategic aims. First, inject new value into their business. Second, identify ways to recover lost value in present operations by minimizing waste and unplanned downtime. As a result, the chemical industry is undergoing a tremendous digital transition.

Chemical manufacturers of all sizes are fast developing new ways to bridge the OT/IT divide to support enterprise-wide efforts such as enhanced safety, cost reduction, expedited regulatory compliance, and agile product lifecycle management (PLM). The following are the top five prospects for digital transformation in chemical production to generate new value or recover lost value in corporate operations.

Streamlining Compliance with Regulations

As guardians of the environment, chemical makers must comply with manufacturing rules. As new data on environmental impact and safety consciousness becomes available, regulatory and safety regulations are continuously revised. And it can be difficult for manufacturers to keep up with the development of procedures and the training of operators and maintenance engineers. However, the digital revolution enables industries to implement new technologies that empower labor forces to overcome these obstacles. Chemical firms can increase compliance with technology obtained via digital transformation projects. They can give operators superior training in best practices and operational procedures and standardize compliance methods across many sites. Digital transformation ensures that regardless of which regulatory body the firm complies with—OSHA, GHS, EPA, or any other— the organization and its employees have real-time access to the information required to maintain compliance.

Connecting Dispersed Resources

The asset inventories of chemical producers are vast and extensive, and their communication capacities vary. Mobile operator round solutions enables data acquisition from stranded assets and the digital recording of that data to be disseminated across the plant and business systems. Allowing the flow of operational data between physical assets and digital systems is a crucial step. It also simplifies condition-based maintenance plans, in which maintenance activities are determined by data utilizing rules, models, or machine learning. Using a mobile operator round solution enables field personnel to validate and construct an audit log. This audit log demonstrates that operators were physically present at the asset when maintenance was conducted and a timestamp to automate and streamline maintenance procedures. Users can execute RFID and barcode scans at the asset or component level to check if the needed maintenance was performed.

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