AI wave in industrial manufacturing

AI wave in industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, December 14, 2018

Manufacturing is the production of merchandise using human and machine labor for use and sale. In manufacturing, raw materials are transformed to finished goods which involves a process, manufacturing engineering. Like any other industrial sectors manufacturing also is taking the advantages of technology especially artificial intelligence. It is proven beyond doubt that AI-powered analytics promises efficiency, quality products and safety to employees.

AI is so crucial in manufacturing because of the varied applications it offers. The promises are real-time maintenance of equipment, the virtual design that allows improved and customized products, and creation of new business models.

It is unquestionable that artificial intelligence holds the key to future growth in manufacturing. Here are some key revolutions AI brings to industrial manufacturing.

In computer vision machines are equipped with cameras, is a logical step in finding flaws. If it spots any issue an immediate alert is sent to the authorized person. This AI process is known as 'automated issue identification'.

The urge to jump into the market offers no quality assurance. But involving of Ai algorithms helps in notifying about the emerging production defects. It also enables manufacturers to collect data on the use and performance of the products in the market. Which in turn helps in maintaining quality maintenance.

Today millions of robots are at work in industrial sectors including factories. Such a phase demands a human-robot collaboration offering an efficient and safe production process. AI advances can be incorporated into industrial robots which will help them handle more cognitive tasks.

Generative design software suggests possible permutations in creating alternative designs along with the parameters of materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints.

AI algorithms also assist in formulating estimations of market demands which helps in adapting an ever-changing market.

As each industry is already witnessing significant benefits of AI, missing the AI wave in manufacturing will call up a great loss to industrial manufacturing.

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