AI-Enabled Manufacturing Boosting Operational Efficiency

AI-Enabled Manufacturing Boosting Operational Efficiency

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, August 29, 2019

AI is leading the way for smart manufacturers to gain new insights into maintenance, sustainability, and productivity.  

FREMONT, CA: Modern manufacturers are implementing AI-powered analytics from vital cuts in unplanned downtime to better-designed products, for data to enhance product quality, efficiency, and the security of employees. In manufacturing, open-ended maintenance of production, line machinery and equipment stewards a significant expense, having a fundamental influence on the bottom line of an asset-reliant production operation. Predictive maintenance has become a mandatory solution for manufacturers having much to obtain from being able to predict the following failure of a part, machine, or system.

The application of AI for enhanced and dynamic production and constant maintenance is gaining traction as manufacturers realize its importance. AI is capable of its timely identification and maintenance of the production line, which is reducing the downtime. A significant share of expenses is considered by the continual maintenance of production line equipment. This can weigh down massively on the bottom line of the asset-oriented production operation. AI is also proficient of improving the way humans design the products, as it can support solutions based on the comprehensive brief provided by the designers utilizing generative design software. It is also helping in advancing manufacturing efficiency at decreased costs and enhances the sustainability quotient of the production processes.

Predictive maintenance uses exceptional AI algorithms in the form of ML and artificial neural networks to formulate auguries regarding asset malfunction. This allows extreme reductions in expensive unplanned downtime, as well as for increasing the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of production machines and equipment. Technicians are summarized ahead of time when maintenance is inescapable with components needing inspection with proper tools and methods. This results in much-focused repairs scheduled in advance. Manufacturers are gaining new understandings into how they can become more competitive using AI and predictive analytics scaling on cloud platforms.

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