An In Depth Look on IIoT Implementation in Manufacturing

An In Depth Look on IIoT Implementation in Manufacturing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, June 07, 2019

IIoT in ManufacturingFREMONT, CA: Internet of Things (IoT ) is a core component of industrial digital transformation efforts across the world. It has amalgamated hardware and software with the internet to create a more technically driven environment. It is highly profitable in the areas where faster development becomes the critical factor for a higher return on investment. One such industry being manufacturing, IoT is transforming it with a multitude of applications in manufacturing plants. But before implementation, manufacturers should have a roadmap of critical considerations of industrial IoT investments.

Industrial IoT's return on investment plays out over the years instead of weeks, and therefore, an investment plan and success criteria should be set first to demonstrate value, maintain motivation, and identify what success is. The discovery process includes plant visits, one to one conversations, and demonstrations focused not on internal outcomes but the needs of end users. The use case should be developed, by combining digitally forward tools and end-user value proportion.

Connected environment opens up an area for attackers, which manufacturers have not anticipated. Many IIoT networks are easy to target for malicious actors, and most of them are not running possible antivirus protection. When making new investments, understand the company's risk profile to ensure the integrity of the machine and data, as well as the ability to push trusted updates to address discovered vulnerabilities is critical. Manufacturers hiding their device behind network firewalls at the time of challenges will incur trade-offs from an operational perspective which can additionally make it harder to detect and mitigate a breach or intruder penetrating the firewall.

The features that make IIoT implementation success can introduce a host of employee-related betterments. With an excellent mixture of plan and partner, IIoT investment can make manufacturing companies more agile and efficient to face competitions and grow for the future. 

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