AR's correct use has Driven Value for Small Businesses

AR's correct use has Driven Value for Small Businesses

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, April 26, 2019

Not only are large firms able to benefit from the new technology, but most are now discussing how small firms can also use AR to reach new segments and markets and thus increase their income. Smaller firms are often restricted to what markets they can achieve, mostly because of their size and capacity, and they have no real option but to rely on the market they are located in, which is very small in many cases.

AR offers companies unlimited opportunities to assimilate digital imaging into the experiences of people, which is an exciting frontier for small businesses. And with the reality that in the next four years the market for mobile augmented reality is set to grow more than 65 percent, this technology will not go anywhere soon. Attn-grabbing advertising is one of the most important ways for small businesses to benefit from augmented reality. As competition heats up for the public's attention, it's an excellent way to think outside the box to be able to introduce moving images or sounds to another static advertisement. Some businesses have already been on board.

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Smaller businesses use AR strategies to boost promotional pushes, such as letting viewers to virtually customize products, creating flyers that provide coupon information when presented through a device, or even setting up a billboard with images that move when viewed by a user by AR device.  AR's proper use needs important information to be communicated to assist customers along the path to purchase, and a real problem must be solved. A business owner must decide specific goals and their desired results when deciding on how to use AR. The emphasis should be not only on inserting a fun new technology, but on strategically assisting the brand. AR's proper use has proven value for business. Not long ago, small business use of Virtual Reality(VR) was unrealistic due not just to the price of the technology, but also to the limits of the headset. That's going to change. In companies of all sizes, Dell is particularly excited about the possibilities for VR. With rapid adoption of VR, jumping on board is becoming more affordable for SBs.

As with AR, VR's small business possibilities are limitless. In the coming years, the verticals most likely to benefit from VR include gaming, retail, education, healthcare, military, and various industrial sectors. Small businesses will be able to get better as the cost of VR technology continues to fall.

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