Automation in Telemarketing: Robocalls Impact on Businesses

Automation in Telemarketing: Robocalls Impact on Businesses

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A recent survey by Clutch showed that an average person receives at least one robocall per day and more than 40 percent of the people receive more than one telemarketing call. The government has attempted various measures to regulate automated calls, and yet, it is not effective. People usually hesitate to attend a call from unknown numbers which in-turn affects many legitimate businesses. The pre-recorded voice marketing annoys the consumer and calls them in unsolicited time. Robocalls are on the rise despite the regulations from the government is because the calls are hard to be traced. Voice-over-internet-protocol (VolP) is an ergonomic way to alter the caller IDs they’re calling from. Illegal telemarketing operations are usually carried out from foreign countries which make it difficult for law enforcers to levy fines on them.

Robocalls are more than just annoying telemarketing call; they are reported to scam people who engage in conversation with them. There are robocalls that try to get responses from the user to gain access to their bank account. Due to all the negative remarks, in recent times, people ignore calls from unknown numbers. There are alternative ways to reach out to consumers: face-to-face calls, where the marketing executive to directly reach out to potential customers and create a more positive impact on the organization. Eye contact and body language builds trust and improves connectivity. To build consumer confidence, the brand has to handle the concerns of its customers carefully, it is an opportunity for the brands to make a permanent connection. The brands must find solutions for the challenges faced by robocalls to avoid repeated errors and give a better experience to consumers. Government is on a lookout for technology that will recognize legitimate calls and validate them, possible solution to use is STIR/SHAKEN which would certify calls using complex technology. For telemarketing companies, robocalls might seem cost-effective but the chances to establish a business is very faint; sooner or later, robocalls might be effectively terminated for its ineffectiveness. Consumers call effectively block calls using apps or by reaching out to your network provider.

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