Benefits of IoT on the Shop Floor

Benefits of IoT on the Shop Floor

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

As the modern day shop floor turns into a technology hub, filled with automated equipment, electronic control, and sensors, the interconnected devices increase quality, flexibility, and efficiency. The impact of these new connections can be summed up as follows:

• The rise in factory productivity, with the simultaneous increase in the efficiency and quality, is due to connected machines. These machines, which may be connected to the cloud, provide detailed information on how and where it was used. This simplifies the process of tracing faults down to their root cause.

• Manufacturers adapt to changing customer demands. The market’s demand for highly configured, almost customized products, is met with the help of automation and connected factories, which produce a wider variety of products more quickly. Faster computerized machines provide detailed information about the requirements of each product, at the moment it is produced, which is a complete transformation in the process of mass-producing goods.

• Smart devices that are connected through a cloud ERP system increase safety by providing equipment that ensures the same. Wearable technology also promotes safety by providing plant information to the wearer, which delivers real-time data about machines and production to the operators and managers handling things on the shop floor.

• Shifting to cloud-based software systems enables employees, suppliers as well as customers to view the order status from anywhere. Smart products interact with the customers in newer ways while also remaining connected to the producer, which ensures better long-term maintenance, performance, and support.

Connected smart technology, together with the Internet of Things, provides more value to the customer by bringing products and processes together in a new ecosystem.

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