Benefits of Powder Coating on Industrial Goods

Benefits of Powder Coating on Industrial Goods

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

One of the most common methods of smearing a protective layer onto any metal objects is powder coating, which can be used by consumers in both households as well as industrial spaces. The powder that is used to coat the metal objects are made of fine colored pigments and resin and is sprayed onto the objects through an electrostatic machine. The charged particles cohere to the surface of the object and consequently the material is coated with uniform, durable and attractive finish. There are a myriad of benefits of powder coating, some of which are:

1.    Durability: Powder finishes are generally more long-lasting when compared to other forms of finishes. In addition, they are more budget-friendly and can be applied to any material. The biggest advantage of powder coating finishes is that they are not subject to chipping, fading, scratching and the color does not wear away with time. They are also more resistant to environmental damage.

2.    Environment-friendly: Whereas liquid coating comprise of solvents containing pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coatings do not contain any such solvents. The levels of VOCs released by powder coatings are almost negligible and therefore, it is safe to say that powder finishes promise to have a low negative impact on the environment.

3.    Cost-effective: The major factor that makes powder coating the most suitable of all its counterparts is that it is highly economical. As these types of finishes contain no VOCs, the reduction of waste saves money in the long run, which complies with the Department of Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

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