Bringing humanity to AI

Bringing humanity to AI

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) in partnership with people helps us to do our jobs better, provides more insights, and makes us successful. AI revolves around an artificially created entity performing and thinking similar to humans. The technology is complex, and algorithms are effectively facilitating the making of critical decisions by machines. Organizations’ worldwide increasingly turning to AI is making the picture clearer of what it takes to be successful with real-world AI. But AI is bounded when it comes working with emotions. To erase the boundary of the functioning of AI, it should be developed that it can understand peoples’ cognitive and emotional states, and interact with them accordingly. If companies want to humanize AI to interact better with people, they should hire people who are not only skilled in AI but also have the curiosity and the passion for applying AI. They should assemble teams that are both science-driven and sensitive to human problems. They should focus on humanizing technology, one with diverse technology experience and human experience and one that aims at hiring similarly diverse people at every level of the business to be able to navigate the challenge of limited vision.

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Organizations need good scientists and data researchers to improve the ways humans interact with machines. They need applied-AI scientists who push the state of the art in terms of deep learning and machine learning and want to turn insights into products and play a significant role in solving business problems.

Also, organizations should hire people whose backgrounds and strengths are not rooted in only technical skills. The employees should know how people can express themselves and act as the translator for the technical employees. They should be able to turn any description of anything into everyday language. To solve problems by understanding human feelings, they need to hire scientists who are passionate about human behavior.

Today AI has increasingly taken on the roles in society that were traditionally held by humans. As companies are making discoveries, their scientists should be open about demystifying their work and making it approachable and understandable. It will drive the code to come with the reflection to value and support human emotions.

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