Can AI Help in Consumer Electronic Applications?

Can AI Help in Consumer Electronic Applications?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

AI is a mixture of key technologies, comprising machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and strong AI. Incorporating AI and machine learning into businesses opens numerous growth opportunities for companies who want to enhance their customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: The Consumer Electronics industry is one of the prominent and inevitable parts is embracing AI to be competitive and relevant in the coming years. From traditional consumer electronics products like smartphones, computers, cameras, speakers to voice assistants, and smart TVs are gaining the maximum traction. By leveraging AI, the CE industry is getting a reboot and can see growth like never before.

With the popularity of smart electronic devices, the consumer electronics industry is undergoing rapid growth. Organizations are leaving no stone unturned to make our lives much more comfortable by developing AI-driven CE products. With the enhancing use of the internet and more urbanization, companies are investing heavily in breakthrough technologies like IoT, deep learning and AI. Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies-2020

Below given are some of the applications of AI in the CE industry.

Smart Security System

AI-powered security systems use technologies like voice assistants and facial recognition who utilize machine learning technology. Facial recognition technology in AI cameras is used to identify the intruders. The voice recognition technology is used for human-to-machine interaction and automation of domestic chores.

Entertainment System

AI unleashes its potential to transform the outlook of the media and entertainment industry. Media organizations use machine learning, deep learning and computer vision to promote the content to a large group of audience. Implementing AI into the entertainment industry enables firms to provide the right content to the right user, to know their customer preferences, and also to promote the content.

Smart Homes

Monitor the home remotely and control the household activities wirelessly is no more a science fiction. Adopting AI has made everything possible with just a mere voice command. Right from the control of the home appliances, monitor the homes to make it more secure to be a companion at times, these smart home devices are doing it all to make the lives more accessible than ever before.

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