Can Industrial Robotics Help the Manufacturing Industry Grow?

Can Industrial Robotics Help the Manufacturing Industry Grow?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, April 01, 2021

Businesses will start using robots as they can increase the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. 

FREMONT, CA: Robots have become an essential driving force in the manufacturing sector. According to market researchers, it is expected that market growth will increase rapidly due to the increasing demand.

Here are a few trends that the manufacturing industry needs to track if they want to make use of robotics in the businesses.

1. Adoption of AI in Manufacturing

Earlier it was necessary to tell a robot what to do as their skill set was restricted. But with the development of artificial intelligence and sensors, there will be a drastic transformation in this situation. Top 10 Motion Control Systems Companies in APAC - 2020

With such hi-tech technologies, it is expected that the robots will learn on the job.  They can also predict the issues and fix them before it becomes a problem for the company. There will be a massive increase in this trend as robots' utilization will amplify on the manufacturing floors.

2. Customized Robots

It can be hectic for businesses to change the infrastructure and make it suitable for robots. Therefore, the customization of robots has increased so that it increases productivity. Soon personalized robots will be made for the organizations so that they grow the workforce. It can be incorporated with the software and hardware that the companies presently use.

3. Cloud Robots

Nowadays, everything is getting integrated, and robots are no exception. It is also forecasted that in the upcoming days, the robots can work together because the cloud software will be readily available for the business. Moreover, the robots can work more efficiently and productively if everything is centralized on one platform.

4. More Competition

In the past, there were only a few companies who used to work with robots because it was expensive to get hold of the new technologies. But now it is expected that more businesses will show their interest in robots as they have become more accessible.

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