Can the Emerging Trends in the CNC Machining be Valuable for the...

Can the Emerging Trends in the CNC Machining be Valuable for the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, July 24, 2020

The CNC market is rising exponentially, and combining it with automation capabilities will prove invaluable to manufacturing operators.

Fremont, CA: CNC machines have been a staple for the manufacturers, but they are now being paired with automation systems and simulation software to increase production. The addition of 3D printing machines into the factory floor has also increased the demand for CNC machines, as they are used for the surface finishing of 3D printed objects. When a standard number of CNC workshops are involved in a particular activity, it becomes a trend that others should take into account.

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3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

3D printers have been around for some time now, although they are mostly used to make prototypes and unique pieces. However, the latest technologies emerging in this field make it possible to produce a series of parts used in the aerospace, medical device, automotive, and more. Creating a section through a layering procedure may appear weird for machining shops that have been committed to cutting metal, or making parts by chip evacuation.

Manufacturing Plant Mechanization

Delivering parts in time and more effectively is a significant factor, regardless of working in a large assembling plant or a little CNC workshop. An ideal approach to accomplish this is to robotize everything or a part of the handling forms. A completely robotized plant is not needed, but the expansion of a mechanical robot worked corner or utilizing a programmed bar feeder, can widen the horizon of profitability by diminishing turnover times, cost per part, and client conveyance time.

Collection and Use of Data

Advanced machine control systems use real-time data to monitor the effects of thermal expansion, safeguards against turret shocks, creates a smarter part program, and improves the quality and document control. Communication systems based on Ethernet networks will allow the machine tool and its peripherals to share the data that can manage production programs, reduce material waste and automatic changes.

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