Changing the Face of the Manufacturing Industry

Changing the Face of the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA: As technology alters the world as we knew it in the past, its uses are being recognized in various industries. The manufacturing industry is a leading sector that is now implementing innovations of technology for advanced engineering and distribution.

Automated Machinery: The advancement of technology has almost touched its peak as machines are building machines too, without a scrap of intervention by humans. Automated tools have been employed in place of humans as it is cost-effective, efficient, and increases productivity. Once a machine begins the process of production, it functions smoothly and continuously, without needing holidays or sick leaves like human employees.

Three-Dimensional Printing: There are a few machines which work on human instructions to perform specific roles like in case of 3D printing, where the designer has to draw the item or layout that has to be printed on the surface. The 3D printer can be left alone after it is loaded with the design, giving the workers ample time to focus on other jobs, and within a brief period, the finished products are ready for distribution.

Modern Mending: Introduction of machinery leads to the loss of employment in the industry which can be solved by recruiting the unemployed for the maintenance of the machine. Machines function for several hours for larger productivity, so they need attention and care to perform smoothly. Unlike the manufacturing sector, the number of human errors and faults will be relatively less in the maintenance of the machines.

The use of technology in the manufacturing industry has widely increased the level of production and makes the product more accessible, faster and more reliable. On the other hand, machines have proven to be more cost-effective and reliable over human labor as well as enhance the safety procedures of the workplace.

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