Clearpath, Franka Emika collaborate on Mobile Controlling Research Bot

Clearpath, Franka Emika collaborate on Mobile Controlling Research Bot

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, August 19, 2019

Clearpath, Franka Emika team looks forward to opportunities for global researchers and companies for mobile applications.

FREMONT, CA: Clearpath and Franka Emika collaborate to combine Franka’s Panda robot to Clearpath’s research mobile robot platforms. Panda will be available on the Clearpath Store. 

The Panda robotic arm is designed with features such as seven degrees of freedom, 1 kHz control, torque-sensing in all joints, access to multiple research applications and the full capability of the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Panda, with its exceptional design, is adaptable to fit in all kinds of businesses.  Panda can serve mass production, as well as high-mix low-volume production runs. This requires flexibility, from the setup of new workstations to adjustments of existing tasks. Panda’s soft-robotics performance allows production processes that require precision, force applications, especially testing, inspection, handling, packaging, and assembly.

Panda can be easily integrated into existing production infrastructure, supports modern, and commonly employed industrial communication protocol. Robot apps represent modular building blocks of production operations such as grasping, plugging, insertion and screwing which can be arranged to create entire tasks in no time.

From the beginning, Franka Emika focused on soft-robotics research space. Later, the company progressed into more projects like, artificial intelligence (AI) that enables the robotic platform, a global partner network for technology transfer, and a digital robotic platform that will help to bridge a gap between machines and the physical world, the company said.

Clearpath Robotics evolves mobile bots that can be easily adaptable with easy integration options with different robots. The firm’s Manipulator Teleoperation Package permits the remote control of manipulators and collaborative bots.

Extending the Panda into the Clearpath store enables Clearpath to sell the Panda bot worldwide. This provides researchers and enterprises with more application options. Clearpath can make use of its own ROS expertise, due to its smaller control box that offers easy integration and its support os ROS.

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