Collaborative Robotics to Transform Industries

Collaborative Robotics to Transform Industries

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, January 14, 2019

The confluence of different advanced technologies today is transforming the robotic age. New waves of industrial robots mitigate manual work during production and distribution operations. As an innovative industrial automation company, Robotiq designs, develops, and implements a wide range of automation solutions for the development of assembly lines, the track-and-trace industrial Internet, and the business model Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS). Robotiq works with a global robot expert network to support its local manufacturers. Robotiq solutions fit very well in repeated tasks in packaging lines and machine care. The RaaS model was created with the aim of gaining momentum in the robotics industry using advanced automation technology which dramatically simplifies the management and resources that are required to derive the robotic benefits.

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Robotiq, a pioneering tool and software provider for the fast-growing collaborative robotics market, raised $31 million from Battery Ventures, a global investment firm. Battery Ventures’ General Partner Jesse Feldman, who is specialized in industrial technology investments, will join the Board of Robotiq as a part of the transaction. It’s the company’s first round of institutional financing. Robotiq supplies equipment that includes specially designed plug-and-play grippers which can handle manufacturing tasks that are previously carried out by human hands will use the new money for product development, international expansion, and enhanced support for its partner ecosystem. The company now partners with more than 190 distributors in 48 countries and sells its products to manufacturers in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, and other industries. Global companies such as Assa Abloy, Continental Automotive, and Saint- Gobain are among those customers. In addition to gripper tools, Robotiq also produces force sensors, camera technology, and related software that assist in the manufacturing process which include the collection and placement of certain products like light assembly, finishing,  and quality testing. Collaborative robotics today transform industries, offering cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions that contrast strongly with the more complicated, legacy robotics systems of the past.

The most significant transformation in today’s robotic technology world is the shift from traditional robots to collaborative robots.  Robotiq offers a full-service approach which is well defined as a step-wise process to help customers learn and solve robotics issues.

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