Combating Throwaway Plastic Issues with Reusable Packaging

Combating Throwaway Plastic Issues with Reusable Packaging

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, March 22, 2019

Canada is tirelessly working to reduce plastic usage; it is expected to make a drastic move this spring following the release of Loop by TerraCycle. Residents who stay within the 200-300 kilometers radius of Canada’s largest city will be able to purchase products in reusable packaging made by leading brands, including Unilever, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble. Goods will be packed in specially designed reusable containers which can be availed online. In-store purchases can be made after six months. Cold-pressed juice startup is also anticipated to join in the project. The method is similar to old milkman delivery services, the Loop is a rebooted version of an old concept but done in a modern environment. Refundable deposit money is collected, and it will be returned when the unwashed vessel is returned.

Many retailers are looking for alternatives to completely eradicate plastic usage by opting to other options for cutlery and lids. Suppliers, Retailers, Consumer goods companies, and governments are making moves after the research revealed the size of the challenge. PVC promised Canada to reduce plastic usage in its operations. To deal with plastic challenges the industry, consumers, and governments must work cordially. According to Greenpeace Canada, Canadians create 3.25 million tons of plastic waste. Head of an ocean and Plastic campaign for the environmental group Sarah King stated that there is too much dependence on improving recyclability even though only 10 to 12percent goods are recycled.

For a long period, the onus was unfairly placed on consumers to dispose of things correctly and recycle better whereas the corporations must have come up with better alternatives to reduce plastic waste. The company looks to achieve with traditional method that is not so disposal-centric. Loops will send back the containers to the manufacturer allowing them to make more durable packaging. The product is expected to launch in New York and Paris this spring. The loop is just one of the many methods that are implemented to tackle plastic wastage problem, and many solutions must be used to keep the issue in check. 

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