Connected Products and Manufacturing Innovations with IoT

Connected Products and Manufacturing Innovations with IoT

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Today, physical machines can talk to each other because of the digital transformation. Here, IoT plays a significant role in manufacturing, speeding up the processes, generating efficiencies, and reducing the potential for human error. The impact of IoT reinforced from product design to maintenance and service, has resulted in the changes in smart manufacturing operations and smart, connected product manufacturing. 

Smart manufacturing operations use IoT data to reduce downtime, enhance productivity, and create efficiencies in manufacturing processes. The most significant value IoT provides is derived for monitoring industrial operations, solving complex logistics, and predicting the downtime of equipment.

The new manufacturing equipment comes with IoT sensors preinstalled where the potential for transformation is tremendous. Sensors provide complete information on every aspect of industrial assets. It also enables people and programs to make adjustments to the operation of these assets for performance optimization.

Smart, connected manufacturing products are capable of reducing the physical complexity of products. Since the features are delivered through software, the design can be changed anytime with the ability to finalize the product post-manufacturing. The products can also be enhanced according to the customer needs even after the purchase.

These products can also be monitored continuously, and the data can be used to streamline the process of maintenance and repair significantly.  The products can also provide intelligence and guidance to customers to help them make better use of it. With sensing, connectivity, and the capability to detect a customer’s product problems, manufacturers can detect dangerous defects more quickly and resolve it.

Smart, connected capabilities enable manufacturers to reimagine their products and their business models. Also, a new kind of factory called intelligent factory is emerging that is cloud-connected and data-driven. It is marked by hyper-agility, independent production, and the use of data as a transformative force for the business. With the growing demand for productivity improvement, performance enhancement, and quality upgradation, companies are readily mobilizing IoT in the manufacturing market.  This factory with the impact of IoT will change the world of smart connected devices present now.

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