Considering the Top Precision Motor for Robotics

Considering the Top Precision Motor for Robotics

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, December 20, 2018

With the advances in automation innovation, the existing trend is towards making more efficient robotics and automated production systems thereby putting additional pressure on process engineers to develop solutions that are small, precise, efficient and cost-effective.

1. Strength and Reliability

Well, when it comes to industrial applications, the motors in robotic handling and assembly systems must be extremely reliable, cost-effective, and space efficient. For instance, the ability to incorporate the engine into a robotic arm, instead of attaching it to external movement means one can put more robots in a given space. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in a given manufacturing environment can integrate the entire process by bridging and connecting the separate portions in a factory environment.

2. Battery Life

The power infrastructure must be as much cost-effective as possible. In an automated environment, machines are tethered and therefore are easy to set and forget, but it is essential for a remote system to have energy stored in some kind. Making the most out of battery is necessary to every machine, and not just the mission-critical systems. The more capital invested the more robust and more reliable the robotic solution will be and not just because of battery life. Every input towards maximizing efficiency has benefits across the board.

3. Choose Wisely

Factory environments can be harsh at times. There is a working fluid, secondary moisture or a downright wet climate. Motors used in these environments must run effectively to resist solvents or other potentially toxic and hazardous environments. If an engine overheats because it was unable to dump all the heat it produces, then it becomes a trouble for the organization.

The introduction of advanced automation technology in innovation is rapidly advancing, with facilities both traditional and new implementing the latest in smart manufacturing. Having a proper motion solution can significantly reduce this pressure for the designer.

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