Current Trends and Opportunities for Wire and Cable Industry

Current Trends and Opportunities for Wire and Cable Industry

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 31, 2021

With the anticipation of the changing market trends, the cable and wire manufacturing industry can expand and enhance many critical operations

Fremont, CA: Fiber optic cable, telecom wire, and nonferrous wire developed and distributed by the wire and cable manufacturing industry are essential for operations in consumer goods, telecommunications, utilities, and construction.

Here are the growing trends and opportunity in the wire and cable industry:

Fiber Optic Cables

The value of fiber optic cables is expected to grow at an AGR of 20.3 percent because of increased demand among end-users within communications and telecommunications applications.

Green Initiative

Green initiative has led to an increase in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, and consumers have built awareness around environmental protection and stability. With the expansion of this market, the demand in wires, cables, and wire harnesses to outfit the cars also grows.

Fast-charging Cables

Today, smartphone technology uses fast-charging cables to reduce charging times significantly. This fast-charging quality can help smartphone manufacturers offload more phones to new customers.

Factory Automation Cables

The rise of Industry 4.0 technology has led to the adoption and installation of sophisticated equipment and systems. The need for durable and reliable components like the cable is increasing. These cables should be able to withstand fast operating speeds, abrasion, and bending.

Copper Stranded Wire

Energy needs and flexible and functional product development demand have led to the growth in copper stranded wire, especially in the telecommunications, infrastructure, construction, and energy sectors.

Fire-resistant Cables

The construction industry uses fire-resistant cables to prevent the spread of fires and release of toxic gas in new large residential, commercial, and manufacturing buildings.

Customized Products

Manufacturers use wire and cable customization services to provide products to customer’s applications that save time, space, and money. This has spiked customer interest in the demand in custom wire, cable, and wire harnesses.

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