CV-based Developments Revolutionizing the World

CV-based Developments Revolutionizing the World

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Inspired by the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) has marked a new epoch in the field of data visualization. Conceptualizing artificial cognition CV-based computers systems not only visualize real-time data, but also draw facts and conclusions from it, by applying smart decision-making analytics. Computer vision cultures a software environment which facilitates an organized and efficient way to collect, assimilate and assemble visual data from various sources such as cameras, web portals, images, videos, mobile, and other electronic gadgets, along with analyzing, visualizing, managing and modulating it. Computer and machine vision technologies have tremendously transformed the tradition way pictorial data was recognized and handled. Few remarkable machine visual technology developments in practice.

•  Self-driving motor vehicles

The advancements of artificial intelligence drive the automobile industry. By adopting smart CV-based software tools, many car manufacturers are developing autonomous cognitive cars, which are made, by simulating the real-time traffic environs. Machine vision-made self-driving cars are capable of sensing the distance between the moving objects, and detecting the advancing vehicles, traffic signs and signals, path layouts and more.    

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•  Google Translate

Integrating the technology of optical character recognition and augmented reality, computer vision facilitates instant language translation. Google Translate application is one of the renowned digital language translators, which understands and analyzes signs, images, and characters with the help of pattern matching techniques. Such processed characters are compared to the universal language dictionary to detect and translate them into a language preferred by the user.       

•  Intelligent crop reaper

Machine vision technology extends its benefits to the agriculture industry as well. The automatic harvester combines the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision to support reliable and professional reaping operations. This device scrutinizes the quality of the fruit or grain before harvesting it. In this way, the agriculturists are allowed to maintain the crop and operational standards.

Revolutionizing the world with continuous innovations and discoveries in the field of computer vision technology, researchers present us with numerous AI applications to upgrade the living standards, more such developments are sure to hit the reality in the coming days.   

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