Dayco to Broaden its Chassis System Offerings with a Comprehensive...

Dayco to Broaden its Chassis System Offerings with a Comprehensive Steering and Suspension Program

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Summary: Dayco expands its chassis system line with comprehensive steering and suspension program.

FREMONT, CA: Today, the automobile sector that transformed the world and laid the groundwork for large-scale urban living is innovating within. Consumer preferences changing, the need to help curb emissions, and the infiltration of new technology both within and throughout an automobile all require automakers to learn to react in real time to industry changes, all while innovating their business models and collaborating seamlessly with ecosystem partners. A significant engine products and drive systems provider for the automotive, industrial, and aftermarket industries with more than 110 years of technological legacy, Dayco regularly adjusts its product line to match the needs of independent service and repair shops throughout the globe. Resultantly, Dayco is expanding its chassis system offerings with the launch of more than 3,300 OE-equivalent steering & suspension components, including axle joints, tie rod ends/assemblies, and steering boots, as well as track control arms, ball joints, stabilizer links, and bushes. This follows the company's recent move to embrace thermal management and the introduction of wheel bearings.

Quality is of the utmost importance to this company, an original equipment manufacturer (OE) and a supplier to many automobile manufacturers worldwide. It reflects the company's reputation for technical brilliance and technological capability that wholesalers can offer their workshop customers a brand with a true OE heritage and the trust that comes with it.

Practically speaking, this implies that the line has been built to OE performance and durability standards and has been subjected to rigorous certified quality control processes during manufacturing. To ensure that the program meets Dayco's stringent brand standards, additional product testing is carried out to check for material fatigue and dimensional accuracy, as well as the application of an environmentally friendly electrophoretic coating, which provides long-lasting protection against salt spray and other chemicals, as well as impacts and scratches.

Additional advantages for installers include that Dayco kits include all the replacement fastenings and clips needed when a component is installed, making life easier for technicians, boosting workshop efficiency, and instilling confidence.

The introduction of every new product line needs to have the correct replacement part identified in advance. TecDoc and the Dayco website and app, as one might expect from a corporation that continually displays such high levels of technical expertise, both provide fast access to a supporting catalog that includes extensive cross-reference data and photos.

Aftermarket steering and suspension components are packaged in sturdy boxes that feature Dayco's distinctive corporate artwork, demonstrating the company's commitment to its customers and the professionalism of its aftermarket operation.

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