Dexwet Pure Air Filters Declares Deal with Synthesis Analytics for...

Dexwet Pure Air Filters Declares Deal with Synthesis Analytics for Rights to Sell in Sweden

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, February 15, 2021

Gregory Scott Newsome, the CEO and Board Director, Dexwet

Dexwet Air Filters has signed a Letter of Intent with Synthesis Analytics granting them the right to sell Dexwet Filters in Sweden.

FREMONT, CA: Dexwet Air Filters (Dexwet) is an air filter manufacturing and technology company producing Pure Air Filters to be used in residences, commercial properties, and custom business applications in Europe for over 15 years. The company has recently signed a Letter of Intent with Synthesis Analytics, granting them the right to sell Dexwet Filters in Sweden.

The Pure Air Filter technology, patented by Dexwets, collects toxic ultra-fine dust, pollen, and airborne contaminants that can pose a health risk. It is presently utilized on standard European heat radiators and commercially for electronics that need advanced filtration and enhanced airflow abilities. Lately, Dexwet revealed plans to join the U.S. market in 2021 and make its proprietary filter technology accessible for U.S. regular exchange vents for home and commercial purposes.

“Dexwet Air Filters provide safe, clean air environments for humans and machines and has been doing so for over 15 years in Europe,” said Gregory Scott Newsome, Chief Financial Officer and Board Director of Dexwet Air Filters. “As we continue to expand in Europe by introducing our products to the Swedish market, we are also planning expansions into North America early this year. Were thrilled to announce an agreement with Synthetic Analytics which will grow our adoption of our radiator filters in Sweden for up to an additional 200,000 households.” 

Synthesis Analytics provides municipalities in Sweden with Green Computing and Intelligent Heating solutions. The latter, Intelligent Heating, delivers hot water to municipalities that use hot water radiators for radiant heat for homes and businesses. Dexwets Pure Air Radiator Filter will be sold directly to end customers of Synthesis Analytics municipalities.

“Synthesis Analytics and Dexwet Filters are a natural fit as both companies are focused on a sustainable solution that are also effective solutions to real problems,” said Niclas Adler, Co-Founder and Chairman of Synthesis Analytics. “The technology behind Dexwet Air Filters is far superior to other competitors in the industry and is the perfect, natural fit to maximize our green computing and intelligent heat solutions.”

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