Digital Twins, the New Sensation in Field Service

Digital Twins, the New Sensation in Field Service

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, June 17, 2019

 Field ServiceFREMONT, CA: The industrial manufacturing sector introduced the term digital twin, which is now a trending concept in the businesses. The term was introduced to describe digital representations of physical objects. Manufacturers use digital twins to anticipate production problems and collect real-time feedback from their plants, saving significant time and money. To add on even the construction industry is looking to leverage the use of digital twins in the same way. Digital twins rely heavily on completeness.   

Time is a critical component of construction management and documentation, and a digital twin isn't versioned frequently. There are several benefits to project teams using digital twins; accurate payments are the first significant benefit among others. Incident tracking is another benefit to project teams that are using digital twins. If digital twin has frequent updates project teams can access the condition of the job site in case of any accidents. High-frequency digital twins enable the construction managers to check for defects and ensure quality control.

Change detection becomes a reality if frequency increases, and spot deficiency can also be spotted easily. Easy application of technology helps in achieving weekly frequency targets. Before these models are mainstream, the promise high-frequency digital twins are looming large. Automated technology is capable of handling massive datasets.  

The digital twin is a digital version of a physical asset. It contains one or more sensors that collect data to represent real-time data information about the physical asset. A project team will never want to sort through hundreds (or thousands) of random Smartphone images or interact with an overly complicated digital model. High-frequency digital twins are worth the effort put into, especially when the effort needed to create is reduced. Resolution and completeness with time among others, stand out in the list of value-added high-frequency digital twin offerings.  

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